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Infused water recipes | The many benefits associated with it

Infused/detox water has become an integral part of diet plans and has innumerable health benefits. To begin with, these drinks are low in sugar and help in keeping the hydration levels up. These low-cal drinks work as an instant refresher. It helps ensure that your body receives the required amount of vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, these drinks assist with digestion and weight loss. People often complain about the plain taste of water, add a pop of flavor to it, and consume more of this essential drink that works wonders for your body. 

Here are a few infused water recipes to inspire you:

water recipes lavender infused water made with water filtered using a Doulton water filter

Lavender-infused water

Infused water is a great way to naturally detox your body. Lavender-infused water is a popular favorite among flavored water drinks. Here’s how you can make it yourself:

Get yourself some lavender flower beads.
Boil Doulton filtered water in a pan with the lavender flower beads.
Set the pan aside for a couple of hours for the lavender to infuse itself in the water.
Pour yourself and bask in the fragrance of sweet-scented lavender water.

Lemon-infused water

The regular consumption of lemon-infused water can help an individual in many ways. It assists with weight loss, it is a source of Vitamin C, and it helps with skin maintenance. These are a few of its many benefits, don’t you want to add it to your daily diet? Here’s how you can make it:

Cut a slice of lemon and place it at the bottom of the mug.
Use a spoon to extract the juice from the lemon.
Add a pinch of salt or honey to it.
Pour Doulton filtered water into the cup and enjoy your drink.

Infused water recipes lemon infused water made with water filtered using a Doulton water filter
Infused water recipes cherry infused water made with water filtered in a Doulton water filter

Cherry-infused water

Have you been consuming an adequate amount of fiber? Adding cherry-infused water to your diet takes care of that. You can make it by following these simple steps:

Slice the cherries, in half.
Pour it in a pitcher of water.
Add mint leaves to it and keep it in the refrigerator.
Use a wooden spoon and smash the cherries, to extract some juice.
It is ready to serve.

Don’t forget to add the magic ingredient, Doulton filtered water. Bring home a Doulton water filter and discover the difference.

Cucumber-infused water

Cucumber works as a natural cooler for the body. Cool your body by including cucumber-infused water in your diet.

Slice cucumber and add it to a jar of water.
Refrigerate it for a couple of hours.
Serve with or without ice.
Using Doulton filtered water will make this drink all the more beneficial.

infused water recipes cucumber infused water made with water filtered using a Doulton water filter
infused water recipes immunity boosting tea made with water filtered in a Doulton water filter

Immunity-boosting tea

Immunity boosting foods and drinks have become an integral part of everyone’s diet, especially in the present situation. In-between this work from home set-up, increase your intake of healthy water with this immunity- boosting tea. Here’s how you can make it:

Boil Doulton filtered water in a vessel.
Add a teaspoon of grated ginger, a teaspoon of honey, 1 cinnamon bark and a 3-inch orange peel.
Steep it for a duration of 15 minutes.
Strain it and pour yourself a cup of refreshing tea.

A healthy life involves healthy eating and healthy drinking. Nurturing yourself with these infused water recipes for all ages becomes all the more beneficial in the long term, as it has the goodness of fruits and vegetables. Make it tastier and healthier with water from a Doulton, at home.

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