Does your home have everything it needs ? It’s time you also got the best water filter for home in India.

State-of-the-art furniture, antiques from different corners of the world, best of furnishings, extra electronic security cover, a new age lighting system and even a view to die for from the front porch – is that all there is to having the perfect dwelling for your family ? We would say, certainly not !

Living in a country where 70% of the surface water resources are polluted, ensuring that the primary necessity of making available clean, tasty, healthy, quality drinking water for the family comes first.

And choosing a water filtration system needs careful deliberation, to ensure that it ensures clean, tasty, quality water filled with essential minerals on tap, that is also energy-efficient, has zero wastage and has the lowest carbon footprint for the devices in its class. What’s most important – it should be maintenance free and ideally be a product for life ! The questions to get the best filtered water never stop, and are many. And the options in the market are many more, making it hard to zero in one. Your selection of the best water filter for home in India should be well thought out in all aspects.

So, how should one decide which water filter is well-suited for their needs ? 

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Here are a few guidelines to help you choose the world’s best-loved water filter.


What is in your Water? Find Out.

The first step in choosing the right water filter is to find out what is in your water. You could approach a water quality testing laboratory for information on the same. If you get a strange smell from the water you drink, it results from Iron, Sulphur or similar elements ( broadly referred to as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS) that are present in your drinking water.

If you have a Municipal water connection at home, its TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) would be between 200-500 ppm. This is safe for the human body, but still may contain bacteria & viruses. A water filter for home should ideally filter out 99.99% plus of contaminants such as bacteria, cysts, particles etc, while retaining its essential minerals and taste.

Few of the other harmful contaminants include lead, arsenic, and nitrates which have a damaging effect on the human body. Hence, before determining which water filter to bring home assess the quality of water that you drink.

What must the Water Filter eliminate? Check and Ensure.

Different water filters separate and separate different contaminants depending on the filter media that are used in the water filter for home. You need to find yourself a water filter that does multi-stage filtration with effortless ease, with no wastage of your water supply, and not expending extra energy in the process. In short, a water filter for home that removes the bad stuff and retains the good stuff.

Here is what a home water filter like Doulton does with your water through its multi-stage filtration.

  • Stage 1 : The 100% natural Outer Ceramic Shell filters pathogenic bacteria, cysts, turbidity and particles
  • Stage 2 : The Silver-impregnated ceramic element inhibits micro-biological growth inside the ecosystem, ensuring the filter itself doesnot become a culture medium
  • Stage 3 : The activated carbon block takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour
  • Stage 4 : This layer ensures the successful retention of heavy metals from entering your drinking water
  • Stage 5: The slow release scale inhibition in this stage inhibits limescale buildup.

Get a domestic water filter that makes each glass of water count. Nothing other than the best amongst the water filtration systems for home would do for you.

Minimal Carbon Footprints

Energy-efficient or High Maintenance ?

Buying a water filter is the first step to getting clean drinking water and maintaining your water filter is the second step. Check and see how much does the maintenance of your water filter cost? For your water filter to function in an optimum way the cartridge has to be replaced after a stipulated time frame. That time frame varies, but it is most often between 6 to 12 months. Find for your home a water filter that has a long life span like Doulton, that is also the best gravity water filter in the market.

How much electricity is required to run your water filter?

Prior to purchasing a water filtration system, check on the energy consumption of the device. The best water filter for home is the one that does not use any external power (read electricity) for the process . Doulton water filters are gravity-fed and do not need electricity, unlike the common RO-based Water Purifiers in the market. You need to ensure that your preference of a water filtration system for healthy clean drinking water for your home not only scores the best , if it is also considerate to the environment. Doulton Water Filters has been the preferred choice as the best gravity water filter for home in 140 countries.

A Doulton Water Filter starts saving for you from Day 1

In Conclusion

Doulton water filters are tailor-made solutions that meet every household’s needs.

What gives our water filters an edge above the others? With the growing threat of water shortage and the increasing ‘disposable’ culture, a Doulton water filter ensures zero water wastage in the water filtration process and zero energy wastage. Except for the outer casings, the rest of the Doulton Water Filter products are made from high quality ceramic, made from 100% natural earths and uses coconut shell carbon. with a long life span of 6-12 months. It has a longstanding legacy and is embraced by people in 140 countries. The answer to the best water filter for home in India, by now, should be an easy one.

It is time to choose wisely and take home the best water filter in India.

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