How does a Doulton water filter help with health maintenance?

World Health Day 2021 how using a Doulton water filter helps with health maintenance

As a result of Covid-19, individuals are all the more conscious and cautious about their health and well-being. But does everyone have access to the basic amenities that are crucial for health maintenance? Unfortunately not.

Healthcare professionals and experts advised the world to wash their hands to curb the spread of Covid-19. For those struggling to access clean water, this is not always possible. For those who can access clean water, how does this health advice affect our water usage?

How the pandemic has affected worldwide water consumption

Sadly, the pandemic has affected the water situation in a dire way. We are now using more water, which often leads to wasting more water, leading to a greater water shortage.

  • 20 seconds goes into one thorough hand wash and 2 liters are used up if the tap is closed and 4 liters are used in case the tap is open.
  • Washing your hands ten times a day uses up anything between 20-40 liters a day.  
  • Wastewater generation has shot up to a startling 90% and treating it requires even more water. 
  • 65% of this wastewater has implications on an individual’s health. 
  • As a result of this, Jal boards, Jal Nigam’s, and public health departments are overburdened. 
  • Groundwater levels are further dipping.

How authorities have cared for health during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 was officially declared by authorities on the 30th of January 2020. On the 24th of March 2020, our Nation declared a lockdown. On the 3rd of April 2020, the Supreme Court sent out an advisory to the State governments of the nation. Here’s what was highlighted in it:

  • A guarantee to supply potable water to all citizens. 
  • A system to procure water and supply water should be functional. 
  • A seamless way for grievance redressals to cater to any water-related emergencies. 
  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of washrooms. 

Yet, despite all this, there are several loopholes in the system of water accessibility and availability.

The problem is not over…

India ranks the highest in housing people who suffer from water scarcity. Only56% of people in the rural areas and 77% of people in urban areas have access to water.

Furthermore, the advisory makes a mention of the availability of ‘potable water’ for citizens but it doesn’t bring to the forefront the needs of non-citizens. People housed in informal settlements purchase water from the private sector at higher prices.

What is an affordable solution to clean water with no waste?

With all this said and done, clean water holds an undeniably important place in preventing the spread of Covid-19. That’s why don’t settle for any water filtration system and use the world’s best water filter. Unlike a water purifier, it filters water with zero water wastage and reduces common contaminants up to 99.99%. Whether you receive municipal water or water from any other water supply board this is the best water filter for your home. Even those who had a British berkerfeld as a permanent fixture in their homes have grown to love a Doulton water filter because both are the same.

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