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More like a Work of Art for Life

When you get a Doulton water filter for home, you are not just having a water filtration system for life, but also a work of art in every way. It is, undoubtedly, the perfect coming together of health & beauty for any season.

River Thames 19th Century

The Doulton legacy

In the 19th Century, the River Thames was London’s main water supply… and sewer. Cholera, typhoid and other epidemics were rife. Our founders created ceramic water filters to convert this water into healthy drinkable water.

How Doulton filters every drop of your drinking water

Using 100% natural materials, our ceramic, gravity water filters improve the look, odour and taste of tap water by filtering out upto 99.99% of common contaminants, bacteria, cysts and particles while keeping in all of the naturally occuring minerals. Welcome to the best amongst the water filtration systems for home in India.

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A Cost Comparison of Existing Drinking Water Options!

Bottled water cost comparison with RO filter and Ceramic Water Filter
RO Water Purifier Cost per Litre Comparison with Doulton Water Filter
RO Water Purifier with UV Cost per liter comparison with Doulton Water Filter India
Lowest Cost per litre  Cost Comparison Ro Water Purifier and Doulton Water Filter

*Arrived based on factors such as Average Unit/System costs, Annual maintenance costs, Water Consumption Charges based on RO Purifier Recovery Rates, Electricity Consumption Charges. For Doulton, HBA and Sterasyl System were considered.

It’s time you started drinking wholesome, mineral rich, tasty, quality water from water filters for home that do not consume electricity nor waste even a drop of water during the filtration process. Get the best water filter in India.

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Some water purification systems also remove good, naturally occurring minerals, leaving empty, tasteless drinking water. Your Doulton drinking water treatment systems are carefully designed to only take out the bad contaminants, while protecting the natural, healthy minerals that make your water taste great.


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