How to Save Water at Home & Money too, with a Doulton Water Filter

Water Filters have become an integral part of our kitchens . It is always a tough choice to make when it comes to selecting the right water filter for your home, especially when it comes to the question of how to save water at home. All that a family needs is a water filtration system that saves water, saves energy, saves money and serves for years with the same efficiency. Sounds too good to be true? Not really. Doulton Water filters, with a legacy of 185 years in water filtration for homes, gives you clean, fresh, mineral-rich drinking water on tap. It not only gives you great tasting & nutritious drinking water but also helps you save money and water throughout your life.

How to Save Water at Home & Money in 6 Ways, courtesy Doulton

Let us give you a rundown on the type of savings you can achieve by using a Doulton Water Filter.

💰 Savings on Purchase

When you purchase a Doulton, you save right away, as the price of the product is way less cheaper than most of the RO and UV filters available in the market today. On top of that, when you buy a Doulton product, you are part of the Doulton Drops Rewards program. This is a very rewarding loyalty program, where you earn points on every Doulton purchase. These points help you get attractive discounts on your next purchase. Apart from what you save on every purchase, you also help your friends and family to save, by being part of the Doulton Drops Rewards Program. The referral code that you get ensures a one-time discount for anyone who purchases a Doulton using your referral code. And the new referral in turn, also becomes earning Doulton Drops from then on, earning Doulton Drops as he/she refers others. That purchase gives you also reward points that can be used later. Learn more about this here.

💰 Savings on using Doulton Water Filter

A cost comparison of existing drinking water options will show you that Doulton Water filters are the most economical to use. Per litre cost while using a Doulton filter is a mere Rs 0.45 per litre whereas RO, UV & mineral water cans end up being more expensive to operate.  Know more about the cost comparison here.

💰 Savings on Maintenance

Doulton filters are easy to install & operate. No AMC, no technician or no expertise required. It’s totally a DIY project as far as the installation is concerned. Even the ceramic candle can easily be opened by the user and cleaned using soap and water.

💰 Savings on the Ceramic Candles

Unlike RO & UV filters, Doulton Ceramic candles are cheaper and easy to remove & clean, and depending upon the turbidity of the water in your area, can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months.

💰 Savings of a lifetime on Electricity

Doulton Filters need NO ELECTRICITY to operate and works purely on gravity. When we say lifetime savings, we do not exaggerate. Look at the reviews here and you will understand how long lasting a Doulton Filter is and if you calculate the electricity savings for such a long time, you will really be impressed.

💰 Savings with Zero Water Wastage

Doulton is also responsible for saving water – it does not waste a single drop, unlike a conventional RO water purifier which wastes almost three times water. So, if you are paying for your tap water, then Doulton can help you save there as well.

Apart from the monetary savings, helping to reduce or alleviate water wastage is the best way to help humanity and if you add the eco-friendly ceramic filter, you have a great sustainable water filter for home. If you are still waiting to decide on your next water filter purchase, you know what to choose now.


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