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We need water and we need it to be healthy

The importance of filtering our water, especially getting the perfect water filtration system in India, cannot be understated – especially the removal of harmful contaminants, bacteria and particles via ceramic water filtration is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here is where you need the best home water filtration system to take care of your health, and your family’s too.

Treatments and inadequate or counterfeit filters can destroy the taste and naturally occurring minerals contained in water. This is where Doulton® water filtration systems are different.  A Doulton® water filter stands for quality, innovation and reliability. Our filters are proven to consistently reduce common contaminants on a long-term basis to ensure drinking water tastes great!

Wholesome tasty water can enhance the taste of food and beverages too.

Why the Doulton Water Filtration System is loved in 140+ countries

A Doulton Water Filtration System gives healthy water, with essential minerals, full of taste.

Removing what we don’t want from our drinking water leaves us with exactly what we do need! Great taste and necessary minerals are assured through a Doulton water filter.

Here is what the Doulton water filtration system does with your water through its multi-stage filtration.

  • Stage 1 : The 100% natural Outer Ceramic Shell filters pathogenic bacteria, cysts, turbidity and particles
  • Stage 2 : The Silver-impregnated ceramic element inhibits micro-biological growth inside the ecosystem, ensuring the filter itself doesnot become a culture medium
  • Stage 3 : The activated carbon block takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour
  • Stage 4 : This layer ensures the successful retention of heavy metals from entering your drinking water
  • Stage 5: The slow release scale inhibition in this stage inhibits limescale buildup.

The Doulton Water Filter Candle

The heart of your Doulton water filtration system

The amazing Multi-filtration Enabler inside the best Water Filter for home

The water filter candle inside your Doulton is manufactured by the original ceramic water filter manufacturer, Doulton, who has been constantly updating this ground -breaking product since 1826. That is its legacy !

Doulton is a UK ISO accredited company offering independently and regularly tested water filters. These Certifications are from NSF (National Science Foundation), WRAS (Water regulatory Advisory Scheme), Lucideon and many more.

Easy Maintenance
If the water flow drops ( speed of water coming out of the filter), all you need is a stiff brush to simply brush away and clean the filter ! Is that amazing. For a family of four, our recommendation would be to change the filter every 6 months. After all, it is a matter of yours and your family’s health.


How the Doulton Home Water Filtration System is Different

Doulton® water filters for home are manufactured using a ceramic pore structure.

This ensures that the Doulton home ceramic water filtration systems filter upto 99.99% of sub-micron particles and pathogenic bacteria. You can always add additional pre-filter cartridges complement water filters to target contaminants specific to your water quality.

A simple Water Test of your existing drinking water quality at the local water authority will clearly bring out the characteristics of your drinking water and check what contaminants may be present, especially the TDS dissolved in it.


Why Doulton is the best water filter amongst home water filtration systems

  • No Electricity Needed
  • Zero Water Wastage
  • Retains all essential minerals in the filtered water
  • Removes upto 99.9+% of tested contaminants from drinking water
  • Sustainable materials used in manufacturing, totally eco-friendly
  • Multi-stage Filtration

A Cost Comparison of Existing Drinking Water Options!

Bottled water cost comparison with RO filter and Ceramic Water Filter
RO Water Purifier Cost per Litre Comparison with Doulton Water Filter
RO Water Purifier with UV Cost per liter comparison with Doulton Water Filter India
Lowest Cost per litre  Cost Comparison Ro Water Purifier and Doulton Water Filter

*Arrived based on factors such as Average Unit/System costs, Annual maintenance costs, Water Consumption Charges based on RO Purifier Recovery Rates, Electricity Consumption Charges. For Doulton, British Berkefeld HBA and Sterasyl System were considered.

Want a piece of an astonishing legacy? Get the Best Water Filter for Home today.

Trust the Doulton Water Difference

Trust the best quality of filtered water - water filtration systems

Test the Doulton Water Difference

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