British Berkefeld aka Doulton is now available in India

British Berkefeld is Doulton. And it’s now in India.

British Berkefeld & Doulton are two names that changed the way clean drinking water available for all. Though it existed as two brands under the same roof, it now continues the journey as Doulton in many countries. British Berkefeld is now Doulton. If you have been a happy legacy customer of British Berkefeld, Doulton is 100% compatible.

This, in a nutshell, is the story of Berkefeld and Doulton.

The Doulton / British Berkefeld Range in India

The Berkefeld Water Filter Journey to Doulton

The Berkefeld Water Filter is named after Wilhem Berkefeld, the engineer from Germany and a contemporary of Henry Doulton, who developed gravity-fed water filters with water-filter candles. The water filter candles were made of Kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) from the Berkefeld Mine in Germany. If Henry Doulton’s water filters helped thwart water-borne diseases from the polluted Thames by providing clean, safe drinking water, so did this play its part in Hamburg’s cholera outbreak.

The Doulton Brand

Doulton® water filters have now been manufactured continuously in the UK for more than 185 years. Henry Doulton’s discovery of filtering water through a porous ceramic that could stop people becoming sick from cholera and other water-borne diseases led to its popular & effective range of Water Filters used in 140 countries today.

In 1985, the company acquired the domestic water filter business of Portacel and the rights to the trademarks Berkefeld (later changed to British Berkefeld) and Sterasyl. The Berkefeld line of water filters comprised of single candle pressure filters (HSS etc.), multi-candle pressure filters and drip or gravity water filters.

Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited (FICL) is now the sole manufacturer of the world famous range of Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic drinking water filters. All ceramic water filter products are manufactured in FICL’s factory based in North Staffordshire, UK, the traditional home of the ceramic industry in England.

Have a British Berkefeld at Home since 1980’s? Fantastic !

For most who have been introduced to the Doulton goodness through British Berkefeld Water Filters going back 4 decades, and remaining steadfastly loyal to its quiet efficiency and sustainability, we are always thankful.

A British Berkefeld Water Filter is perfectly compatible with Doulton Water Filter Candles for replacement, whenever you want it.

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Same Features, Same Company; Just Two different Names

All the unique features that have made you choose British Berkefeld Water Filter for your home, are exactly those that you will have in a Doulton Water Filter too.

Doulton Water Filters Operate Without Electricity
No Electricity

Our Water filters do not require electricity to operate, thus giving you savings right from the moment you install it.

Doulton Water Filters Do Not Waste Water
No Water Wastage

Unlike other water filters, once conditioned, our water filters do not waste even a drop of water during the filtration process.

Dolton Water Filter Retains Natural Minerals
All Natural Minerals Retained

Doulton Water filters retain all naturally occurring minerals which are beneficial for your health.

Doulton Water Filters Remove All Pathogens
Fights all pathogens

A pore structure down to 0.2 microns in our filters offers maximum protection against  particles and pathogens.

Doulton Water Filters Have Long Life Span
Long Life Span

Our filters are long-lasting, as they can be cleaned when used on turbid water, allowing re-use and upto 6-12 months of life depending on the water quality.

Doulton Filters are made from Sustainable raw materials
All Safe & Sustainable

Filter candles in our water filtration systems are made from high quality ceramic that is made from 100% natural earths and uses coconut shell carbon.

Doulton Water Filters have Ant Bacterial Effect
Got Super Powers

Our filters have anti-bacterial properties which use trace elements of silver to inhibit microbiological growth.

Doulton Water Filters Have Multi Stage Filtration
Multi-stage filtration

Other filter media  like activated carbon can be incorporated to remove chlorine, or an ion exchange media for heavy metals.

The British Berkefeld Water Filter Candle = Doulton Water Filter Candle

In general, the smaller the pore size of a filter and the more complicated the path the water takes through the filter medium, the more effective it is at removing particles from water. A ceramic has a small and complex pore structure, making it an ideal filter medium.

The pore structure of Doulton and British Berkefeld ceramic drinking water filters is one and the same, and accurately controlled. This expertise gives the candles the highly consistent pore structure necessary to filter a wide range of water- borne contaminants over the life of the filter.

All stages of FICL’s drinking water filter production process adhere to the stringent BS EN ISO 9001 quality standards. FICL holds the coveted NSF and WRAS certificates, demonstrating that our drinking water filters have passed the highest international testing standards. As a valued legacy customer, you can expect the same high quality and exacting standards, from the Doulton Water Filter Candle, every time it is used.

british berkefeld ceramic water filter candles

Candles for Doulton and British Berkefeld Ceramic Water Filters

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Upgrade to a more Modern & Sustainable version

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British Berkefeld in India – Frequently Asked Questions

I have a British Berkefeld Water Filter in India and now need a Filter Candle. How do I get it ?

British Berkefeld is Doulton as available in India. You could go ahead and buy the Sterasyl or Super Sterasyl models available online on the Doulton website . For any clarifications, do get in touch with us at We’d be delighted to help !

So, A British Berkefeld is absolutely compatible with Doulton ?

Yes and yes. It is the one and the same and there is absolutely no difference in the product specifications or elements in either. You could confidently go ahead and replace your worn out British Berkefeld ceramic water filter candle with a Doulton filter candle.

My British Berkefeld water filter is a decade or two old and running fine. Would a Doulton Filter Candle fit it ?

Absolutely, without a question ! Be it a Wall-mounted model or a Counter-top one, it would be perfectly compatible.

Can I get a British Berkefeld Water filter replacement in India, that too online?

Of course you can. You could purchase your water filter candle from the Doulton India website

Upgrade your British Berkefeld with a Doulton

Upgrading to a Doulton would be more like choosing the most modern & sustainable version of your existing legacy water filter.

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