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A tribute to the women of Rural India

Women's Day tribute to the women of rural India

The women in India have been in the face of challenging situations since time immemorial which propelled them to demonstrate their leadership qualities. In India, water stress and a woman’s struggles go hand in hand. The women in rural India have had to fend for themselves and their family members for a basic necessity that’s water. 

Here’s presenting the journey of a woman in Rural India in a nutshell 

The water crisis is all the more dire in rural India, and that’s where the women of the village step in as a saving grace. No obstacle seems too big when she sets out for a long walk to fill pails of water for her family. That isn’t the only chore on her to-do- list. Because after fetching the water she puts it to use for agricultural purposes. She is a driving force even in the fields because women form a majority of the agricultural workforce. Assessments suggest that women spend longer hours in the fields during the crop season than men do. Be it the maintenance of canals, irrigating crops, and securing water taxes, women participate in all these activities. Along with this, she lugs the burden of her regular duties which include cooking, cleaning and caring for her children. She also tends to the livestock. In short, women contribute to 60 – 80% food and 90% of dairy production in India.  

Women also exhibit a willingness to adopt alternate ways of cultivation and farming. Whether it’s giving ‘organic farming’ a shot or sowing ‘climate-resistant’ crops to bring down water consumption, they are open to it. That’s not all, after attaining this knowledge women play a key role in educating others in their family about these practices. But despite all this, women are severely affected by the water crisis. 

The Impact of the water crisis on a women’s health 

Owing to the amount of time that women spend in contact with water, it makes them susceptible to waterborne diseases. The cumbersome task of balancing the pitchers against the hip affects their pregnancies and posture. Those long walks also result in twisting of their spine or their uterus collapsing. This interplay between gender bias and water crisis is still prevalent in rural India. The inhabitants of the city with all their amenities can do their bit and contribute towards improving the condition in rural India. 

What can we do to improve the situation? 

To address a problem it’s integral to trace its root. What’s led us to this situation? Our nation with its ever-increasing population doesn’t have any guidelines with regard to surface and groundwater usage. Climate change, global warming, and urbanization have further contributed to the water crisis. To combat this the people residing in urban areas can spread awareness among the rural masses. Furthermore decreasing the usage of the available groundwater is the need of the hour. Few more practices involve planting crops that require lesser water and ensuring that there is no leakage in the irrigation system which is being used. Most importantly, the government at the state and district levels must extend their support to the farmers to make sound farming choices. Until when will the women in rural India bear the burdens of their family members?

Women have proved their mettle as leaders. Whether it’s 9-year old Licpriya Kangujam who got Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pass a climate change law in India. Or whether it’s Amla Rula who is changing the face of rural India by partnering with villages and building check dams. Women have inspired the world time and again with their drive to make a difference. But when will the women in rural India relieve themselves from this burden and stress? Doulton water filtration systems by its very manufacturing and design process, reiterate the value of water and hence ensure there is zero wastage in the filtration process. We salute the efforts that the women of rural India take to provide their families with water.

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Let’s save water and do our bit to relieve them from their burdens.

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