The Magic of a Doulton Water Filter during the Monsoon

Water, Water Everywhere, not a drop to drink !

India, especially the peninsular part, is home to some good heavy tropical rains and being an agrarian economy, the country and its productivity is heavily dependent on good rains, year on year. Monsoons may be nostalgic & soothing for some, but for some, especially in areas where infrastructure is lacking, it causes mayhem due to water contamination. India is prone to some very heavy rainfall in some parts and this can lead to heavy destruction, leaving in its wake, floods, loss of lives and diseases, some of them very fatal. What causes these diseases and how can you prevent them?

A WHO report mentions that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases across the world, making water contamination the leading cause of disease and death around the world. Most of the victims are young children, the vast majority of whom die of illnesses caused by organisms that thrive in water sources contaminated by raw sewage. As per another report, 37.7 million people in India are adversely affected annually due to water borne diseases, of which 1.5 million are children. The economic burden of such adverse effects is almost $ 600 million per year. Around three lakh children die every year due to water borne diseases of which Diarrhoea alone causes more than 50% of the deaths.

All these statistics point to serious water contamination and it is a fact that despite the primary sources of water in India: groundwater and surface water being highly contaminated; only 32 per cent of the Indian households get water from a treated source. Almost all disease outbreaks that are caused during the monsoon are water-related, especially contaminated water.

Lack of access to potable water as well as surface water contamination with flood or sewage water, is what causes most water-borne diseases during the monsoons.

With monsoon playing havoc with electricity supplies due to power outages, any water filtration system that is electricity-driven is as useless as can be. This is where a Doulton Water Filter for home scores above all. The biggest challenge that most people face during monsoon is a lack of equipment to convert tap water into potable drinking water.

Doulton Water filters are made keeping the well being of Mother Earth in mind.

Earth-friendly Properties of Doulton Filters include :
  • Fighting Pathogens
  • No Electricity required for operation
  • No Water wastage
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly candles
Other advantages include :
  • Multi filtration properties
  • Retains all natural minerals
  • Long Life span
  • Easy to install and operate
Buy Doulton Water Filter in India

With such admirable characteristics and a legacy of almost 2 centuries, there is nothing more suitable to combat the great Indian monsoon’s drinking water troubles than a Doulton Water Filter !


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