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6 Common Contaminants found in your drinking water

Use a Doulton water filter and take care of the chemical contaminants found in drinking water

When living a comfortable life with access to all infrastructure and technology, there are things you can take for granted. Safe water, that is water without chemical contaminants is one of those. For millions of people, safe drinking water is a dream.

Our ceramic filtration technology makes drinking water affordable and accessible for all. While advancements have been made in this field, there are some basic principles that you need to know about the quality of drinking water and the chemical contaminants that are found in drinking water.

6 chemical contaminants found in your unfiltered, drinking water 

1. Volatile organic compounds 

These enter groundwater from industrial effluents when used in factories making plastics, dyes, rubbers, polishes, solvents, crude oil products, insecticides, inks, varnishes, degreasers, and many more.

2. Pathogens 

Bacteria and parasites that cause illness can find their way into water supplies that are inadequately treated to kill germs. Though most filtration systems take care of these, leakages from sewage systems can cause such contaminations, especially in cities.

3. Chlorine treatment by-products 

Chemicals used in drinking water’s disinfection process, such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, may cause cancer and reproductive problems if present in high quantities.

4. Plasticizers & chlorinated solvents 

Another form of industrial wastage which enters the environment from improper waste disposal, leaching runoff, leaking storage tank, and industrial runoff.

5. Vinyl chloride 

Used to make PVC plastic products, such as some pipes, this cancer-causing contaminant can leach from older PVC piping and has been found in the drinking water of a small number of communities across the country.

6. Pharmaceuticals 

Though sometimes present in very minute traces, these are still dangerous because of the side effects that prescription drugs can cause.

Doulton® the best water filter is a leader in water filtration systems, worldwide. Our innovative products can be used with minimal infrastructure, thereby making them affordable for use even in situations with minimum facilities. Our water filters retain the naturally occurring minerals that are present in water, unlike a water purifier which robs the water of its minerals.

It caters to the interests of people in 140 countries across the world. If you have fond memories of having used a British berkefeld water filter, it will surprise you to know that a Doulton is compatible with it. Even if you receive municipal water it is ideal to treat your water.

With our products, no electricity is required, we produce zero water wastage or mineral wastage, and each system has a simple DIY installation. All in all, it is the best water filter for your home.

Doulton, we are water.

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If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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  • *If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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