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Seven Types of Drinking Water: Are they all safe to drink?

Seven types of drinking water get the best form of water with a Doulton water filter

Water is the most essential element required to support life on Earth. It exists in various ways all around the world, including oceans and glaciers, rivers and ponds, wells and groundwater, and many more. However, for humans, we require drinking water to be clean and free from harmful chemicals to ensure our happiness and health.

The 7 Types of Drinking Water

It’s important that you can be sure your water is fit for drinking so we’re helping you to understand the different types of drinking water sources so that you know what you can drink and what you can’t.

1. Natural water, rich in minerals

One of the natural types of water is mineral water. Mineral water is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium which are great for maintaining healthy bones, protecting your immune system, blood sugar control, and sleep quality. As a result of this, mineral water can be expensive for this very reason.

2. Affordable, household tap water

A cheaper option for mineral water could be your standard tap water. Tap water, another source of water for domestic use, has its benefit in its affordability. But, little can be said about it being free from contamination.

Although tap water is treated before it gets to your home, this water makes its way through pipes that can contain disinfectants, microplastics, and other impurities. Unfortunately, this can create uncertainty as to whether tap water is a safe and clean source of drinking water.

3. Natural, spring water

Spring water is another natural water variant that is often described as fresh and tasty. Spring water comes from a known named underground source, without passing through a community water system, meaning it is untreated. Plus, it is often protected within a certain set of vulnerability perimeters to avoid pollution and contamination. However, due to the difficultly of trying to source the water in bulk, spring water can be seen as unaffordable.

4. Well water: water from your backyard

Well water is a major water source, particularly in rural areas of India. Fresh water in your backyard or neighborhood is most reliable, but it is important that it is tested and treated regularly for contaminants like bacteria and nitrates. In order to ensure well water is safe for drinking, it needs to be verified by a water authority.

5. Sparkling water

Sparkling water is a common choice to fight fatigue after a tiring day. This unsweetened, carbonated water popularly known as soda water is fizzy, giving you a little burst of energy once consumed. However, sparkling water can be lacking sufficient minerals and due to the carbonation of the liquid, it cannot be your daily choice for water consumption.

6. Distilled water, without minerals

Distilled water is that which has been boiled into vapor and condensed back to liquid. It can be a popular choice in areas where there is no clean tap water available making it a suitable short-term choice for clean drinking water. However, regular consumption of this demineralized water can sometimes be detrimental to health and can pull away minerals from your body.

7. Purified water – but to what extent?

Purified water is an attractive term initially when you are looking for safe, clean water, free from contaminants. Purified water is where tap water or groundwater has all harmful substances removed through Reverse Osmosis. However, this purification process through Reverse Osmosis can also take away much-needed beneficial minerals, too! Plus, purification of water in this way can lead to a lot of water wastage which can be damaging to the environment.

Knowing these common types of drinking water you drink can have a lasting impact on your health. After all, our body constitutes 70 percent of water.

Why choose filtered water by Doulton®?

A reliable and trustworthy water filter is the best solution to ensure clean drinking water – in short, getting the best water filter for home is the key. Doulton® water filters assure you up to 99.99 percent contaminant-free clean water, without removing all of the essential minerals as a water purifier does.

Doulton ceramic drinking water filters are economical too with their non-electricity-operated feature. Plus, they don’t waste any water during filtration.

Made in Britain to the highest standards, the ceramic filter candles have an anti-microbial formulation which is used to fight microbial growth and give them a long life span of up to 12 months. The once dearly loved British Berkefeld water filters are now sold as Doulton water filters.

There are many different water sources to choose from, but with Doulton drinking water filtration systems, you can rest assured of clean safe drinking water, whatever your water source.

Do you know what type of water are you drinking?

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If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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  • *If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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