Valuing water | Here’s how we value water at Doulton

value water by using a Doulton water filter

A foundation of life on Earth is being misused:

  • By 2025, agricultural water demand will almost double.
  • Around 70% of the freshwater is used for agricultural production.
  • 4.5 billion people live within 50-kilometers of an impaired water source.
  • By the year 2050, 6 billion people will suffer water shortages.
  • Every year, 3.4 million deaths result from water-borne diseases.

World Water Day is on the 22nd of March and we’ll be discussing ways we can ‘Value Water’. Because if not now, when?

Why Value Water?

Water availability reduces poverty; decreases hunger and sadly, has not been given the value it deserves.

5 Global Water Threats

‘Water scarcity’ is one among the five global water threats.

  1. Increased global conflict
  2. Lack of access to clean water
  3. Food Shortages
  4. Energy Shortages
  5. Economic Slowdown

Water and its Importance to Human Life

Water has an economic, ecological, social, spiritual and cultural impact for human beings.

  1. Water supports life on Earth.
  2. Socially, spiritually and culturally speaking, without water it wouldn’t be possible for the human culture to thrive.
  3. Water acts as a decision-maker, determining where a person can reside.
  4. We have spiritual beliefs that are deeply rooted in water.
  5. Improper water management slows economic growth, heightens poverty, and hinders flood and drought clean-ups.

How to Value Water?

Research Water Management Processes

Check your water! How is your local water managed and processed?

Help protect and maintain any and every water body

Protect rivers, lakes, the sea and man made water bodies like reservoirs, aquifers and canals by removing litter and reporting water issues.

Use infrastructure that makes the best use of water

Use Products that make the best use of water. A Doulton water filter wastes nothing and uses zero electricity to work; unlike reverse osmosis (RO) machines which produce an abundance of waste water and use power all the time!

How do Doulton’s water filters value water?

Doulton Water Filters Operate Without Electricity
No Electricity

Our Water filters do not require electricity to operate, thus giving you savings right from the moment you install it.

Doulton Water Filters Do Not Waste Water
No Water Wastage

Unlike other water filters, once conditioned, our water filters do not waste even a drop of water during the filtration process.

Dolton Water Filter Retains Natural Minerals
All Natural Minerals Retained

Doulton Water filters retain all naturally occurring minerals which are beneficial for your health.

Doulton Water Filters Remove All Pathogens
Fights all pathogens

A pore structure down to 0.2 microns in our filters offers maximum protection against particles and pathogens.

The heightened level of water contamination has made possessing a water filter the need of the hour. Why not get the best water filter, used globally since 1826, for your home? It is a preferred choice for houses that receive municipal water. Even users of the age-old British berkefeld water filters find nothing to complain about with a Doulton water filter because they are indeed the same.

Operational without electricity and hassle-free to use, a Doulton filter lasts for a span of 6-12 months and has “superpowers” to inhibit microbiological growth.

Your water undergoes a multi-stage filtration process wherein it is passed through activated carbon to eliminate chlorine and hen ion-exchange media to eradicate heavy metals. Besides this, filtering water in a Doulton water filter retains all the natural minerals that are present in water, and, most importantly, not a single drop of water is wasted in the filtering process. All that you would expect in the best of water filtration systems – you get in a Doulton.

If you’re looking for a water filter and want to ‘value your water’, buy a Doulton water filter.

Think about it, do you value water?enough? Buy a Doulton water filter?.


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