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Water Saviours | Ulka Sadalkar of Ti Bus


Poor sanitation is a major issue in India, affecting both rural and urban areas. Lack of access to safe and clean toilets leads to health problems and negatively impacts quality of life. Entrepreneurs Ulka Sadalkar and Rajeev Khera started providing women with mobile restrooms through their project “Ti Bus for Toilet” in Pune in 2016. The initiative addresses the lack of public restrooms and poorly maintained facilities, which is especially problematic for women. The project has been running for 13 years. It is carried out in partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation.


Why Ti Buses?

Ti Buses are mobile toilets that provide access to clean and safe sanitation facilities for communities where toilets are not easily accessible. By converting unused buses, this initiative helps to address the immediate problem of lack of access to toilets and reduce the spread of waterborne diseases. The initiative also helps to address broader issues of sustainability and environmental protection. It helps reduce the amount of human waste that is deposited in the environment. Apart from that, it also protects the health of people and the environment, and contributes to a more sustainable and healthy future for communities.

Benefits of Ti buses

The Ti Bus initiative addresses the lack of access to safe and clean toilets. Thus it reduces the spread of waterborne diseases and improve the quality of life for people in affected communities. The initiative is environmentally sustainable, reducing the risk of water pollution and soil contamination. The Ti Bus is equipped with many facilities. These include Wi-Fi integration, a solar panel, and amenities like diaper and sanitary napkin dispensers. It also has a washbasin, and a screen that displays cleanliness levels. The initiative also promotes women’s safety, with a panic button installed inside the structure in case of an emergency. The Ti Bus features both western and Indian restrooms. It charges a fee of Rs 5 for its services, is reasonable given the money spent on providing a clean and safe environment for women.


Ulka Sadalkar and Her Role

Ulka Sadalkar is a social entrepreneur. She has a background in engineering. She founded the organization that runs the Ti Bus initiative. Ulka has played a crucial role in the success of the initiative by using her technical expertise to design and build mobile toilets that are safe and efficient. Her leadership and commitment have been essential in bringing the program to life. In fact, it has also inspired others to support the initiative and raise awareness about the importance of providing access to toilets for all.

Sadalkar is also an advocate for better sanitation and hygiene practices in developing countries. She works with local communities and organizations to provide education and training on these topics. Initiatives like this are key to ensure good water management, thereby reducing water pollution. Lesser water pollution leads to better utlization of resources. Better utilization ensures better water supply for people across the globe.

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