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The BIS Definition of Drinking Water in India

Drinking Water in India

Drinking water is water intended for human consumption for drinking and cooking purposes from any source. It includes water (treated or untreated) supplied by any means for human consumption

The BIS drinking water specification (IS 10500:2012), which is a voluntary standard, was drawn up originally in 1983. Here is a broad overview of the chief aspects that BIS has put in place to ensure that the quality of water is fit for human consumption in India.

  • Firstly, the board raised its standards to ensure that the water quality can match the internationally accepted specifications of drinking water.
  • How can you purify water unless you know the nature of the contaminants? Hence that step is followed by ascertaining the level of the contaminants.
  • Before consuming or using the water that is supplied by the water supply agencies, a routine test and analysis is in order.
  • In case you notice a strange coloring or get a strange taste from the water it’s best to have it tested.
  • There’s only so much one can do to prevent contamination, hence  it’s all the more essential to test water.
  • The water that you readily use from a water distribution system must not contain the slightest traces of Coliform and biological organisms.
  • Most importantly it’s integral for one to ensure that drinking water is spared from any microscopic organisms like algae, zooplanktons, flagellates, parasites or toxic producing organisms.

Standards for Drinking Water in India

Furthermore BIS has broken down the water quality into two broad categories- acceptable and permissible limits. The water is tested on the four criteria- color, odor, taste and pH Value. If the water does not comply with the set parameters, it is rendered unsuitable for human consumption.

With all the norms for safe drinking water in India put in place,  what’s holding us back? Why is it that people in rural India  face a challenge when it comes to getting clean water? It’s because receiving a supply of clean water requires a lot more than ensuring its quality. It is essential for it to be tested by qualified professionals before labelling it as ready to use. But in all of this, how can one  ensure that the water they are consuming is of good quality ? Getting yourself a water filter that is affordable, adheres to all the international standards and stringent quality checks will take care of this critical responsibility to a large extent.  

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As laymen, we are sometimes not aware of these norms or our judgements are often clouded with too much information floating around. So, what is the best possible way to know that your drinking water is safe? What if we had a globally acclaimed solution and affordable water filter in all our homes? To all of us, our families health is priority and no one knows that better than Doulton ! And it is here in India.

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