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Do you drink enough water to keep your eyes healthy?

water for healthy eyes

Water is fundamental for the body to assist with keeping up with hydration including the eyes. Many people don’t understand that drinking water is good for the eyes and makes eyes healthy. Nonetheless, they truly do see the symptoms of not drinking a lot of water through dehydration.

Why do our bodies need water?

We’ve all heard that we should drink two litres of water a day to remain hydrated, keep our organs solid, our internal heat level directed, and our energy levels high. Water empowers our bodies to work, flushing out side-effects and conveying oxygen all through the body. The meaning of dehydration is the point at which the body loses more water than it takes in. We lose fluids through urinating, sweating, bowel movements, and even fuming while breathing out. We can, nonetheless, hydrate ourselves in one way and that is by drinking sufficient water – or one more beverage of your choice – every day.

How Does Dehydration Occur?

Dehydration can happen for an assortment of reasons. There are countless various ways the body loses water. Some common ones include:

  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Prescription Medications
  • Excessive Salt Intake
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive Screen Use
  • Loss of water through perspiration

How does dehydration affect the eyes?

The eyes depend on water to assist with keeping them lubricated as tears. Lubrication is important to keep eyes healthy, damp, eliminate bacteria, and eliminate dust particles and other little particles that get in the eyes. At the point when the body is dehydrated, there isn’t sufficient water to head over to stay hydrated. The eye will normally dry out. They can become itchy and scratchy. You could have a scratching sensation when you blink like there is something in your eye.
Other related eye symptoms of dehydration could include:

  • Red Eyes
  • Blurred Visions
  • Problems Focusing
  • Burning Sensation in the Eyes
  • Headaches

Can dehydration cause vision loss?

More often than not, dehydration just causes blurred vision or problems focusing. In this way, one might say, a lack of hydration can cause vision loss. Albeit, vision loss is short-term as a rule as long as you rehydrate your body with a lot of water. Assuming that you experience consistent eye dehydration, this can build the dangers of creating cataracts sooner. Cataracts happen when the natural lens in the eye begins to cover over as proteins in the lens combine. As the cataract expands in size, it will cause vision loss and at last blindness. Luckily, laser corrective eye surgery can be performed to eliminate the cataract. The natural lens is eliminated and an artificial one is taken care of to restore lost vision.

How do I know if my eyes are dehydrated?

A few of the side effects of eye dehydration can likewise demonstrate there is another issue with your eyes. One thing you can do is think about what refreshments you drink. If you drink a lot of coffee, carbonated sodas, alcoholic beverages, and not much water, then your eyes are likely to get dried out.
Assuming that you eat food varieties that have high salt content or add a ton of salt to your food, this could likewise cause eye dehydration. Along these lines, what you can do is hydrate yourself and remove the excess salt from your diet to check whether this makes a difference. Something else you ought to do is see your eye specialist just to check that there isn’t some other eye issue happening.

How can I avoid dehydrated eyes?

The simplest method for healthy eyes and keeping away from dehydrated eyes is to change your ongoing way of life choices. For example, decrease the number of hours you spend seeing screens, including PCs, laptops, cell phones, and tablets.

  • Drink no less than eight glasses of water or more consistently.
  • Decrease the amount of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages you drink.
  • Change to a low-sodium diet.

As seen here, drinking plenty of water can help keep your body and eyes hydrated. But you should check whether you are drinking safe water or not. The contaminants present in tap water are also harmful to your health. Hence to avoid these, bring home a Doulton Water filter that gives you safe and healthy water. These filters fight most commonly occurring pathogens retaining all the natural minerals in the water.

Speak to a water expert find the best water filter suitable for you

If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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  • *If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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