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HCP & Super Sterasyl®

Counter-Top Water Filter

Beautiful counter top drinking water filter that will sit beside the kitchen sink and give you easy access to your clean, healthy drinking water.

HBA – MK II Filter & Sterasyl®

Wall-mounted Water Filter

Aesthetically designed water filter for convenient wall-mounted installation above the sink unit. Filtered water passes out through the outlet arm on the HBA unit. 


Simeon Gabriel, CEO of Doulton on the India launch

Enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Try this beautiful Counter-Top Model

Need to save kitchen counter space?

Try this convenient Wall Mounted model.


This not an RO Drinking Water System

Unlike RO Water systems that purify & give you empty water, Doulton drinking water filters filter out 99.99% plus of contaminants such as bacteria, cysts, particles etc, while retaining its essential minerals and taste. It doesnot waste a single drop of water, and doesnot use electricity. If you are using Municipal water for your domestic usage, a Doulton water filter is undoubtedly the best water filter for your home. It is undoubtedly the best amongst the water filtration systems you can get for home in India.

A brand which has had a positive impact on millions of homes around the world, is now in India

Doulton Water Filters Operate Without Electricity
No Electricity

Our Water filters do not require electricity to operate, thus giving you savings right from the moment you install it.

Doulton Water Filters Do Not Waste Water
No Water Wastage

Unlike other water filters, once conditioned, our water filters do not waste even a drop of water during the filtration process.

Dolton Water Filter Retains Natural Minerals
All Natural Minerals Retained

Doulton Water filters retain all naturally occurring minerals which are beneficial for your health.

Doulton Water Filters Remove All Pathogens
Fights all pathogens

A pore structure down to 0.2 microns in our filters offers maximum protection against particles and pathogens.

Doulton Water Filters Have Long Life Span
Long Life Span

Our filters are long-lasting, as they can be cleaned when used on turbid water, allowing re-use and upto 6-12 months of life depending on the water quality.

Doulton Filters are made from Sustainable raw materials
All Safe & Sustainable

Our filters are made from high quality ceramic that is made from 100% natural earths and uses coconut shell carbon.

Doulton Water Filters have Ant Bacterial Effect
Got Super Powers

Our filters have anti-bacterial properties which use trace elements of silver to inhibit microbiological growth.

Doulton Water Filters Have Multi Stage Filtration
Multi-stage filtration

Other filter media  like activated carbon can be incorporated to remove chlorine, or an ion exchange media for heavy metals.

Doulton® drinking water filters take a different approach, giving you great taste without the waste !

– Simeon Gabriel, CEO & MD, Doulton®

At Doulton® , we are proud to have been a pioneer in providing families with access to clean drinking water since 1826, and supplying Doulton® drinking water filters to 140 countries. Using 100% natural materials, our ceramic water filters improve the look, odour and taste of tap water by filtering out upto 99.99% plus of common contaminants, filtering out bacteria, cysts and particles while keeping in all of the healthy minerals. This is not just a tap water filter for drinking water for you and your family. Getting a Doulton drinking water filter for home is an investment on health, for life. It’s time to get the best water filter for home today.

A Cost Comparison of Existing Drinking Water Options !

Making a choice for your drinking water filter for home cannot be more easier !

Bottled water cost comparison with RO filter and Ceramic Water Filter
RO Water Purifier Cost per Litre Comparison with Doulton Water Filter
RO Water Purifier with UV Cost per liter comparison with Doulton Water Filter India
Lowest Cost per litre  Cost Comparison Ro Water Purifier and Doulton Water Filter

*Arrived based on factors such as Average Unit/System costs, Annual maintenance costs, Water Consumption Charges based on RO Purifier Recovery Rates, Electricity Consumption Charges. For Doulton, HBA and Sterasyl System were considered.

If you get municipal water or water with TDS less than 500, Doulton might be the perfect water filter for you

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