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5 Effective Tips to select the Right Water Filter for your Home

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Water is very essential to human existence, second only to breathable air. In recent times, availability of drinking water has gained more prominence as freshwater sources are shrinking. The simple reason is the ruthless exploitation of water resources as well as careless contamination.

This has put the spotlight on water filters, as any home that can afford one buys one, with the sole aim of protecting themselves and their family from contaminated water as well as water borne diseases. As per market forecasts, the markets for water filters worldwide is growing at a CAGR of 8.4%, to reach USD 17.8 Billion by 2026 . By any standards, that’s quite a growth and this in a nutshell, proves how much we trust our fresh water sources to give us clean potable water.

Among the primary reasons that you would want to buy a water filter at home are :

Taste, Odor & Look

Clean, good tasting water is everybody’s right and nobody wants to drink something that tastes, looks or smells bad. Water can look, smell or taste bad either due to physical or chemical contaminants, in most cases, and water filters are your best bet to make them physically better.

Threat of Diseases

Water borne diseases, especially during the monsoons, kill more than any other diseases across the world and this is one of the most important reasons that could force you to invest in a water filter, an investment that is worth its weight in gold. It can be an investment that can be a life-saver for you and your family.

Being Eco-friendly

Once you have a water filter at home, the chances of you buying bottled water reduces considerably and this is a sure shot way to protect the environment. Lesser bottled water means lesser plastic being consumed.

5 Effective Tips to select the Right Water Filter

These are the 5 critical factors that you should consider while choosing your water filter for home. In other words, these effective tips will help you bring the best water filter home.

Drinking water source and quality

Whether you have a water purifier at home or not, it is critical that you know the source from where your drinking water comes, whether that be through the tap or any other ground water source that you depend on. It is also helpful to know the quality, both chemically as well as micro biologically; as this helps you make an informed decision that can benefit you and your family. Getting it checked in a lab or going through government reports as well as knowing the level of TDS can help you get to a decision.


One of the most important factors that can make or break a purchase. Cost of the equipment as well as additional costs like AMC or spare parts should also be thoroughly researched before you take the plunge.

Types of water filters available in the market

A thorough research of the market to understand the type of filters that are suitable for the water that comes to your home is also required. This makes it easier to narrow down your options as well as make the correct purchase.

Conditions at home

Space requirements, dependency on power as well as plumbing systems also influence your decision on the type of water filter that you may want to buy.

Amount of water required on a daily basis

Water filter capacity and time required to filter are also important factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Doulton water filters are among the most user friendly and pocket friendly filters available in the market, with great features like no power usage, no water wastage as well as no AMC requirement.

With a purchase cost which is lesser than most other RO & UV filters, as well as an operating cost of a mere Rs 0.3 per litre, Doulton ends up being the most economical water filter you can have. Know more benefits of Doulton at

Speak to a water expert find the best water filter suitable for you

If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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  • *If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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