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Water Saviours | Vishwanath Srikantaiah, the Rain Man of Bengaluru


Bengaluru, also known as India’s Silicon Valley, is facing a severe water crisis. The rapid pace of urbanization and population growth, combined with poor planning and mismanagement of water resources, has resulted in a scarcity of potable water in the city. The situation has further deteriorated by changes in rainfall patterns and increasing instances of drought. The recent news of a wedding of two frogs in Udupi, Karnataka to appease the rain gods might have amused a lot of us. 

As much as it tells about superstition, it also points to the desperation of the villagers with respect to water scarcity in the country. Here is the story of a man who is beating the odds in this hour of crisis. Dr. Vishwanath Srikantaiah, known as Rain Man of Bengaluru, is a water activist and urban planner. He has, in collaboration with several communities, carried out many successful campaigns.

Water Crisis in Bengaluru

The biggest reasons for Bengaluru’s water crisis the depletion and pollution of the city’s lakes and water bodies. An inefficient distribution system also adds to the strain on the existing water supply. The water shortage has impacted the daily lives of citizens, agriculture, and industries. To address the crisis, sustainable development practices, including lake and water body conservation, improved distribution systems, and water conservation and harvesting, are necessary. The government and private sector must also develop innovative solutions such as recycled water plants and desalination plants.


Vishwanath Srikantaiah, the Rain Man of Bengaluru

Vishwanath Srikantaiah is known as the “Rain Man of Bengaluru,”. He is famous for his exceptional knowledge of the city’s weather patterns and monsoons. Despite receiving significant rainfall during the monsoon season, the city’s inadequate drainage system results in severe flooding during heavy downpours.


Vishwanath has spent over 60 years studying the city’s weather and monsoon. In fact, he has developed an encyclopedic knowledge of rainfall patterns, wind speed, and other relevant parameters. His weather predictions and analysis are very accurate. Further, he is often consulted by the media, city authorities, and other organizations as well.

n addition to his weather predictions, Vishwanath advocates for sustainable development and the preservation of the city’s natural resources. He is a vocal proponent for the conservation of Bengaluru’s lakes and waterways. He righly points out that they play a vital role in managing the city’s water resources. His passion and dedication to the study of Bengaluru’s weather and monsoon have inspired many young people to pursue careers in meteorology. Despite his advanced age, he continues to devote his life to his work, earning him the nickname “Rain Man of Bengaluru.”

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