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Doulton Water Filters have a legacy. We have designed our filters to be sustainable. They help save water and electricity. Our ceramic candles are made of naturally occurring mineral clays. In line with our thinking and philosophy, we support, encourage and showcase great deeds of water conservation and environment friendly initiatives by different individuals and organizations.

About Ecotales By Doulton

Ecotales by Doulton turns the spotlight on efforts by individuals in the field of water management. We also aim to empower all those who are striving to make a positive impact on water quality and availability, for humans and animal lives alike.

About Jakkur Lake, Bengaluru

Jakkur Lake is among the biggest lakes in Bangalore. It is located on the northern side of the city. It derives its name from the name of the locality, Jakkur. It is spread around 35 ha (86.5 acres)) and has several smaller islands within.

The lake had started to become a dumping ground for garbage and sewage. This resulted in deteriorating water quality that not only affected the residents nearby but also greatly impacted the marine and animal lives that depended on the water from the lake for survival.

Read on to know more abour JalaPoshan, a team of like minded individuals, out to make a difference to Jakkur Lake and the human and animal lives around it.

Reviving Jakkur Lake, Bengaluru

We spoke to Jalaposhan trust about the project to understand their operations about the revival of Jakkur Lake.

Jalposhan Team
How did JalaPoshan come into being?

Jakkur Lake has been an integral part of the community that lives around it. For years farmers and locals who utilized its resources for their livelihood nurtured this water body. A part of the Yellemallappa Chetty lake series, this 160 acre  lake falls in the Hebbal Valley. This lake is also a Paradise for birds and about 197 species have been spotted at the lake so far. Development brought in a makeover to the lake and its functionality has been changed from rural lake to Peri-Urban lake and has expanded to envelope residents who have moved and settled around this lake.

The Jalaposhan programme was initiated to preserve, protect and nurture the lake. A great response from all citizens residing in this area kickstarted the Jalaposhan Trust, a public trust founded in the year 2015 to work with the lake. It is an effort towards Natural Resource Management through citizen and community participation. This group consists of citizens who live in and around the lake.

Water recharging with the Jal Poshan Volunteers
Please tell us about your work in water conservation & lake renovation?

Jalaposhan was started by the community members that live in and around Jakkur Lake to ensure the conservation and nurturing of Jakkur Lake.

Our work revolves around nurturing Jakkur lake by:

Conservation: Revival of natural ecosystem (Water, Air, Soil) and enrichment of native biodiversity.

Community: Lake used as Urban commons by the public for mental and physical well being through citizen engagement and used by local community for livelihoods.

Education: Creating a natural learning space to raise awareness through Scientific Social Responsibility and encouraging Research and Experimentation.

A replicable model: Creating an example for other urban commons and urban waters with innovations such as IUWMS (Integrated Urban Water Management System), Constructed wetlands, community-conservation zones, stakeholder partnerships, Active community participation & Inclusivity.

Raising Water Awareness in Neighbourhood communities Jal Poshan
Any specific incident/person as an inspiration to start this movement?

The active participation and action to conserve the lake was initiated as a part of Satya Foundation’s vertical efforts in local action in environmental and social issues which was handed over to the community to take forward. This resulted in the citizen group now know as Jalaposhan Trust which includes the local community that has lived in and around the lake for generations and have depended on the lake for their livelihoods (farming, cattle grazing,fishing) and the migrated community that moved into the area while urbanization began.

The vision of Jal Poshan
What is your Vision? What are your milestones so far?

Our Vision is the conservation of Jakkur Lake through Natural Resource Management with community participation and creating an example for the the state and the nation.

Jakkur Lake is a enriched ecosystem that is being conserved by the collective effort of the community, governing agencies, specialists, environmentalists, scientists and other stakeholders. Currently we are working towards a regenerative model that ensures the conservation of the lake that can be replicated based on the context of other lakes and urban commons in the state and nation.

Leading by Example

Our impact includes:

  • Visits by Administrators, Researchers, Journalists, Institutional Heads.
  • Awarded ‘National Water Mission Award’ 2019 for citizen and state action for water conservation augmentation and preservation.
  • Recognized as Model Lake by Jal Shakti Abhiyan
  • Awarded Envirocare Green Award 2021 in appreciation for valuable contribution towards Sustainable Care.
  • One of 13 success stories published by Central Ground Water Board (2020)

We will continue to bring more information about JalaPoshan and similar organizations and individuals who are out to make a difference to our world. If you know of any person or organization who is making a positive impact in the field of water management, please let us know. We will feature them here.

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