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Building a Home on a Foundation of Clean Drinking Water

Build a house with clean drinking water

Home is where our hearts are and it is with great diligence that we build our dream abode. When decorating our homes, the utmost care is taken to choose the best in the market, right from building components to the finishing touches.

Yet, not much thought is spared on the most important element that helps to keep us going whilst we are building our homes: water.

Water is the essence of life in its cleanest possible form. It is critical in our day to day survival and so, should be a key focus point for us when we’re at home. Ask yourself, do you really have clean, potable water in your home?

Our water sources and their reliability 

In rural and semi-urban areas, we rely on groundwater as our source of water. In urban cities, we rely on the public water distribution system or other water bodies as our source of water.

Scarcity of water, regardless of the source, can be irritating during Indian summers. But still, water contamination is the last thing that we worry about. However, water contamination can be a problem for many households in India.

Research has shown that only eight percent of the Indian population boil water before use. In these days of waterborne epidemics, this calls for a serious U-turn in our lifestyles. In order to prevent the consumption of contaminated water, lots of us turn to drinking bottled water instead of tap water. But how safe is bottled water?

How safe is bottled water?

Based on recent studies, bottled water has been found to be another source of contaminated water. The presence of coliform bacteria was found in more than 70 percent of bottled water brands and was devoid of any essential minerals. Those who claimed to provide ‘pure’ drinking water fell flat in terms of providing even clean water, free of contamination. In short, bottled water isn’t always a safer option than tap water. Instead, it is important to look at alternative ways of obtaining clean, drinking water. That’s where Doulton Water Filters come in.

Why Choose A Doulton Filtered Water System?

Doulton offers a wide range of water supply systems including countertop, under-counter, and wall-mounted systems which are paired with the unique, ceramic filtration technology. The ceramic filters are made of 100% natural materials, including coconut shell carbon, and have a life span of 6-12 months.

What do Doulton filters remove?

Doulton’s ceramic water filters improve the look, odor, and taste of tap water by filtering out up to 99.99% of common contaminants and filtering out bacteria, cysts, and particles. Unlike other water filtration systems, Doulton’s ceramic water filters also retain all of the healthy minerals that naturally occur in your water supply. Plus, these systems do not require electricity to operate and they do not waste water during filtration, helping the environment, and saving you money. Simply add the best water filter that money can buy to your checklist while building your house and make it complete in every sense!

Speak to a water expert find the best water filter suitable for you

If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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  • *If your water source is borewell/tanker etc with TDS above 500 ppm, we do not recommend Doulton Water Filters.

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