World Environmental Health Day | Healthier Environment leads to healthier communities

World environmental health day here is we are making a difference at Doulton

Come 26th September, we shall be celebrating World Environmental Health Day with the theme ‘Prioritizing Environmental Health for Healthier communities in the global recovery.’ As a society, we are responsible for the ecosystem that has sustained life of all forms on this planet, and the healthier the ecosystem is, the healthier and happier the occupants are.  The restoration of the ecosystem to its healthier past as well as halting and reversing the degradation in every ocean can help to end poverty, combat climate change and prevent extinctions.

Our Effforts

Doulton has always believed that access to clean, fresh, and filtered drinking water is the right of every being on the planet and we are at the forefront of ensuring this access. Our Humanitarian efforts in Guatemala during the impact of hurricane Stan and Project Utznt Ja are our humble efforts towards this goal.

As far as Ecosystem restoration is concerned, we are also deeply concerned with the number of plastics that have polluted our oceans and cause irreversible damage to marine life.

The not so pleasant past!

A look at the numbers as to how plastic has eroded the ecosystem thereby causing long-term damage to natural habitats will spur us to put our foot forward to ensure that ecosystem is restored to as good a situation as can be.

A few examples of how plastic has destroyed and is continuing to destroy the aquatic and wildlife ecosystem can be gauged from below:

  • In 2019, a young dead whale was found with 40 kilos of plastic in its stomach.
  • Once a turtle has 14 plastic items in its digestive tract, it has a 50% chance of dying.
  • Nine in 10 sea birds are thought to have ingested plastic waste.
  • In India, It has been recorded that 95% of urban stray cattle in India suffer from various ailments due to hazardous material inside their abdomen, out of which 90% are plastic bags.

Microplastic land contamination is estimated to be anywhere from 4 to 23 times higher than marine microplastic pollution. The fact is that plastic has entered the food chain and thus has altered the soil composition as well as causing the plastic to pollute groundwater, thereby causing plastic pollution in drinking water as well. Billions across the world drink out of their taps and a study found that 83% of global tap water is contaminated with plastic.

All these facts are the tip of the iceberg. They point to a grim future if prompt action is not initiated. Governments across the world have all started taking concrete steps to ban single-use plastic. In India, the government has banned single-use plastic products from July 2022.

Leading corporate organizations have also taken a cue from the steps being initiated and have started promoting eco-friendly initiatives in their offices across the world. This year, let us all pledge to restore our precious ecosystems to their true form.

Doulton has always been an advocate of reducing water wastage and its products are proof of this resolve. The ceramic filters are made using natural materials. These filters can be easily cleaned and have a long life span make. These factors make it the best water filter for your home.


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