Sip in the traditional Summer Drinks that define Indian Summers

India is witnessing a burning summer. The temperatures are as high as 46 degrees in certain places. It’s that season when our body needs some clean drinking water or flavourful hydration (if one has the means) and all we need to do is down chilly beverages by the gallon. So, this summer, let’s try working up a few traditional summer drinks – Indian healthy chillers that really cool down one’s soul. Trust us, these are much better than the packaged beverages available in the market.

India, as we are aware, is a spectacular blend of cultures and traditions, and each culture has its speciality. This speciality is quite evident in their eating and drinking habits as well. Additionally, each one has its very own story to say, a story of exceptionally old culture and cherished memories. Traditional coolers are the ideal method for beating the heat on sizzling summer days. These are made using seasonal fruits, spices, and herbs.

Since summers are the best opportunity to explore various beverages,let’s look at India’s well-known, traditional beverages.

Aam Panna

One of the advantages of living in a tropical country like India is the amazing chance to enjoy mango-based summer drinks. The flavor-stuffed Aam Panna without a doubt has the broadest appeal. The beverage that tastesof memories. The alluring sweet-sour-spicy kinds of fresh Kairi (raw mango) Panna is particularly well known in North-Western India. It is made by blending ripe mangoes with different ingredients like salt, jeera powder, and mint leaves. It assists us to protect against heatstroke.

Kokum Sharbat

It is a well-known drink in the state of Maharashtra and is incredibly sweet in taste. Produced using the Kokum squash, this drink is extremely advantageous for digestion and for cooling the body during summers. Summers on the Konkan coast are proclaimed with ample quantity of this exemplary cooler made of amsul or kokum. It is a sweet and sour fruit that grows extensively in the konkan region.


A traditional South Indian drink, Panakam isn’t easy to make, however it will give you a quick relief from the burning intensity of the sun. Panakam’s deep-rooted formula is a mix of the sweetness of jaggery, the fragrance of cardamom, and the sharp intensity of pepper and ginger. Filled with lots of essential electrolytes, this traditional beverage is a great reenergizer. It is so tasty that you can swallow down a glass and still want more.

Gondhoraj Ghol

This is Bengal’s own version of buttermilk. Gondhoraj Ghol is a refreshing combination of curd, sugar, black salt, chilled water, and the thick squeeze of the state’s exceptionally valued Gondhoraj lime. This oval-shaped wondrous citrus has an extremely unpretentious fragrance and an unusual flavor (like the kaffir lime).


Who doesn’t adore this good Punjabi summer cooler? It is often promoted as the most established smoothie in the world. The feel of delicious lassi (served with a touch of little malai) flowing down your dry throat is very satisfying. It can immediately lift your mood and give help from the steamy heat. Surprisingly, Odisha has its own extraordinary version of the lassi. The Oriya lassi additionally has grated coconut, rabdi, cherries, and a bunch of nuts!

Bel Sherbet

An occasional summer fruit loaded up with healthful goodness, Bel (Wood Apple) (otherwise called Bellada Hannu in Kannada and Maredu in Telugu) is for sure a magical fruit with cooling properties as well as therapeutic. It can fix dizziness, contain cholesterol, and manage respiratory issues. This sweet and sour juice is sure to be a gastronomic pleasure. Whenever you’ve gotten through its woody external shell, soak the mash in water, and add jaggery and lemon juice to make a simple yet intense cooler.

 Jal Jeera/ Shikanji

The refreshing Jal Jeera (also called shikanji in certain places) is inseparable from India’s summers. It is Lemonade given a flavorful bend with simple flavors like roasted cumin, pepper, and black salt. It is particularly popular in north India where one can see pushcarts with giant matkas in the city, selling chilled Jal jeera served with mint leaves and boondi.

Nannari sherbet

Used in Ayurveda since the days of history, nannari (additionally called ananthamooli) is a natural coolant. It is perfect to treat a heatstroke. It is a local favourite to beat the searing summer heat in southern India. This refreshing beverage tastes best when served with a slice of lime and lots of squashed ice.

Sol Kadi

The coastal districts of Maharashtra and Goa relish this refreshing beverage. It has an exceptional flavor and a light-rosy pink color. It has a little Kokum and a sprinkle of coconut in it. Sol Kadi is supposed to be the ideal method to end a spicy meal, particularly during summer. This blush-shaded drink is made with coconut milk and kokum syrup with an amazing kick of chilies and flavors like cumin and mustard seeds. The creamyfeel of this drink makes it incredibly overpowering during summers.

Imli ka Amlana

This is a less popular beverage from the Marwar district of Rajasthan. Imli ka Amlana is a lip-smacking mix of tangy tamarind, black salt, roasted flavors, and mint leaves in chilled water. It is sweet, sour, and spicy simultaneously. It is a heavenly way to chill during a scorching summer and it’s good for your health as well!

These and many other traditional drinks are present in our country to help you cool down your body this summer. The most common ingredient in all these drinks is, of course Water. Fresh and healthy water makes your summer drinks healthier and tastier. Apart from these drinks, consuming more water during this summer is the best solution to keep yourself hydrated.

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