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Safe drinking water is as fundamental to human life as food, clothing & shelter.

It is well known that our planet is filled two-thirds with water; however, it is also sad to see that safe drinking water is still a luxury in many parts of the world. What many in this world take for granted is actually a great gift for the less privileged across the world. This brings us to the question; How can we prevent a Drinking Water Emergency?

What are your options to get clean drinking water?

We have to first analyze the ways and methods that we presently employ to turn any type of water into safe drinking water.  While many methods like simple filtration are very economical, they do not make the water safe for drinking. Boiling is another option which can make it potable but ends up losing a lot of goodness in the water. Another method is the Reverse Osmosis or RO Water filters, which has become quite popular nowadays, but comes with its own set of disadvantages like losing out on minerals as well as wastage of huge amounts water to the tune of more than double the water filtered. This is where an organization like Doulton comes in. We offer some great products which have the goodness of filtration without the disadvantages of RO or boiling.

Doulton offers great products

Doulton water filters are 100% efficient water filters, which means they filter water without any wastage of water as well as minerals. The high quality 100% natural ceramic candles ensure that maintenance is low and your natural contaminants are filtered upto 99.99%. Another great advantage of Doulton water filters is that electricity is not required for its running. This is greatly beneficial for those rural areas that have erratic or no electric supply. Overall, a great product, which is affordable, sustainable and maintenance free as well as beneficial, can be your partner for life to help you and your fellow citizens to overcome the Drinking water emergency. 

Doulton HBA-MK-II-Filter-Sterasyl Water Filter
The HBA – MkII Water Filter

Doulton HCP Table Top Water Filter

The HCP Water Filter

Additional Features of Doulton products

As part of the wonderful offerings that Doulton has, there are also added advantages of signing up with the Doulton Filtacheck App, which is available on the Playstore as well as App store. This is a great feature, which allows you to track the health of the candle and filter, ensure your filter is original by scanning the QR code as well as additional health features like drinking water alerts for you and your family. A great value add, all for no extra cost that adds to the unique water filtration systems from Doulton.

Doulton, as part of its social responsibility, has also been part of humanitarian efforts to provide clean filtered drinking water to save lives in hostile environments and natural disaster zones across almost 140 countries. 


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