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doulton bird

Beyond Health Benefits: The economic advantage of replacing Lead water pipes

Urgently replacing lead pipes

Lead exposure, long known for its detrimental health effects, is now recognized as an even greater threat than previously understood. A study in The Lancet links lead exposure not only to high blood pressure but also to cardiovascular diseases. These contributed to the deaths of 5.5 million adults globally in 2019, a figure six times […]

Safe drinking water: A critical requirement during festivals

Safe drinking water during festivals

Safe drinking water is a fundamental necessity of life, and its importance becomes even more apparent during festivals. Festivals are a time of celebration, togetherness, and communal gatherings. Whether it’s Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Holi, or any other festival celebrated around the world, clean and safe drinking water plays a pivotal role in ensuring the health […]

Does India need RO filters?

Do we need RO water filters?

Reverse osmosis or RO water filters have become ubiquitous, from bustling metropolises to remote villages. People rely on them for a supply of pure and healthy drinking water. Advertisements and persuasive sales representatives have played a crucial role in establishing trust in these systems. However, as the saying goes, “all that glitters is not gold,” […]

The connection between water scarcity and women’s safety

Water scarcity and women's safety

The connection between water scarcity and women’s safety is a complex and multifaceted issue. It has serious implications for gender equality, human rights, and social stability. In many parts of the world, water scarcity exacerbates existing gender disparities, leading to increased vulnerabilities and risks for women. Understanding this connection is crucial for addressing the root […]

Effective ways to escape from the jaws of bottled water

reduce bottled water usage

Escaping from the entrapment of bottled water involves making conscious choices and adopting sustainable practices that promote access to safe and clean tap water. Steps that we can take to reduce reliance on bottled water include  Raise Awareness: Educating people about the environmental impact of bottled water is crucial. Promote campaigns and awareness programs. These […]

Monsoon Gardening Guide: Tips for Flourishing Plants during the Rainy Season

Monsoon gardening tips

As the skies open up, the rhythmic patter of raindrops signals the arrival of the enigmatic monsoon season. While this bountiful cascade breathes life into nature’s canvas, it also challenges the green thumbs among us. Fear not, dear gardeners, for within the rain-soaked earth lies a wealth of possibilities to be harnessed. From cultivating resilient […]

Drink Up, Kids! How water helps your body in Nutrient Absorption and Digestion

Water is important for nutrient absorption and digestion

Picture a beautiful summer day, and your child is running around, playing outside, and having a blast. While all this fun is happening, it’s easy to forget the importance of water for your child’s health. But did you know that water plays a crucial role in nutrient absorption and digestion, particularly for children? It’s true! […]

5 common monsoon diseases that you need to take care

common monsoon diseases

Monsoon brings relief from sweltering heat, but it also brings an increase in monsoon-related diseases due to favorable climatic conditions. There are several infections that see a rise during this season. Let’s explore some common monsoon diseases and their prevention methods: Malaria​ Mosquito bites transmit the parasite Plasmodium into the host’s bloodstream, causing Malaria. In our country, […]

Why you should be more careful about Drinking Water during Monsoons

Drinking water during monsoon

Monsoons, with their beautiful downpours, may seem delightful on the screens. But when they disrupt our busy routines, they can become a threat. The rainy season demands better hygiene and thorough cleaning almost everywhere, while also leading to waterlogging, traffic jams, and the spread of various diseases such as dengue, typhoid, and cholera. Rain is […]

Packaged Water cans: The Perils that hide underneath

perils of Packaged water cans

Drinking water from packaged water cans presents several perils that can jeopardize one’s health and well-being. Despite their widespread availability and convenience, these cans may pose significant risks due to potential contamination, environmental concerns, and the quality of the water itself. The Perils that are not easily visible Firstly, the issue of contamination is a […]


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