More advancement and population bring with it different challenges. Among the biggest challenge that we face today is pollution. In fact, Air, soil and water, all are facing pollution. Technology helps us fight these challenges effectively. The best way to fight water pollution is to filter it before consumption. Water filters help us do exactly that, saving us from unsafe drinking water. Water filters save us from getting sick and protects our health. Hence, when you buy one, would you not want to buy the world’s best water filter?

The Magic of Water Filters

With time, water filters have become a way of life. Different water filters have flooded the market, all with different technologies. Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet technology, Gravity filters, Ultrafiltration, Activated Carbon and Sediment filters are among the most popular and common filters available in Indian markets. However, as you prepare yourself to buy a water filter, the decision is always fraught with confusion. How do you decide which is the world’s best water filter? Personal experiences? May be opinion of family, friends or experts? Or online portals and search engines? Or by simply listing the advantages and deciding for ourselves. Among the world’s best water filters is a Doulton Water filter.

How is a Doulton the World’s best water filter?

Doulton has been making simple and highly effective water filters for more than 100 years. Among the water filters, Doulton is a pioneer. Moreover, with a legacy of more than 100 years, Doulton has made water filtration systems that are simple, economical and easy to operate. Well, does that not make Doulton water filters world’s best water filter?

A Doulton water filter has some great advantages that indeed makes it the World’s best water filter.

  • No Electricity required – Works on simple gravity. The ceramic candle used inside does the job of filtering your tap water effectively. No power, no problem at all.
  • No need of AMC or technical help to install, operate or clean – It is a DIY filter, so easy to operate and clean.
  • No water wasted in the name of filtration – No need to collect any waste water like RO filters. RO filters waste almost 3 litres of water for every 1 litre of drinking water. A Doulton does not waste a single drop.
  • All natural minerals retained – No loss of minerals, promise of mineral rich water.
  • Multistage filtration which filters harmful pathogens and chemicals. Every Doulton water filter employs 5 filtration Stages:
  1. Stage 1 : The 100% natural Outer Ceramic Shell filters pathogenic bacteria, cysts, turbidity and particles
  2. Stage 2 : The Silver-impregnated ceramic element inhibits micro-biological growth inside the ecosystem, ensuring the filter itself doesnot become a culture medium
  3. Stage 3 : The activated carbon block takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour
  4. Stage 4 : This layer ensures the successful retention of heavy metals from entering your drinking water
  5. Stage 5: The slow release scale inhibition in this stage inhibits limescale buildup.
  • 100% Safe and sustainable – Made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Easy to dispose. The ceramic filters are 100% decomposable and can be converted to compost when disposed.
  • Among the most economical water filters available in the Indian market. Doulton water filters are not only economical to buy, but are also highly cost efficient when it comes to operating it.
  • A legacy of more than 100 yearsHistory that started with the royal household in Britain, when Henry Doulton created micro porous ceramic (diatomaceous earth) cartridges capable of removing bacteria with better than 99% efficiency. This stopped people becoming sick from cholera and other water-borne diseases.
  • Great sleek looks that adorn your kitchen – Lovely sleek models that are ornamental and beautiful.
  • No additional wires or clutter – no need of electrical wires for power or water tubes for wastewater.
The Lowest Cost per Liter in Water Purifiers & water Filters
Doulton Water Filters have Anti-Bacterial Effect
Free of Pathogens
Doulton Water Filters Operate Without Electricity
Saves Electricity
Doulton Filters are made from Sustainable raw materials
Ecofriendly & Sustainable

Additional Benefits of Doulton Water Filter

Moreover, there are some more long-term advantages that are result of our long and continuous research. They are:

I. Highly effective barrier to particles and pathogens – a pore structure down to 0.2 microns to offer maximum protection.
II. Long Life / Long term value – filters allow re-use and gives 6-12 months life dependent on water quality.
III. Multi-stage filtration in one cartridge – other filter media can be put inside the ceramic filter candle.

A Doulton water filter is best suited if you have muncipal water coming through your tap. Take this small trivia check to understand if a Doulton suits your home. With so many advantages, its no surprise that our customers are very happy with their Doulton water filters. In fact, some of them have been using it for decades, both overseas and India.

Besides, our water filters are so long lasting and durable that each and every customer has not shifted away from a Doulton once they have started using it. Apart from being reliable and effective water filters, Doulton filters also offer you great advantages like Doulton Drops rewards program as well as the Doulton India mobile filtacheck app. With all that in mind, are you ready to try the world’s best water filter?

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