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Eco-Friendly & Economical Drinking Water Filter Solutions in Tamil Nadu & Kerala

It is festival season in India, with the country celebrating one festival after another. At this point, no other aspect of everyday living takes more importance as far as one’s health is concerned than quality drinking water.  For clean, fresh & great tasting drinking water, you need not look beyond Doulton Water Filters.

With a filtration rate of common contaminants and pathogens upto the extent of 99.99%, needing no electricity for operation & with zero water wastage, Doulton Water Filters are the ultimate eco-friendly drinking water filter option for you and your family.

Buy Doulton Water Filters Hydro World Tamil Nadu

Drinking Water solutions for Tamil Nadu residents

If you are in Tamil Nadu and are looking for solutions to your drinking water woes, Hydro World Stores, located at ten locations across the state, should be your solution. They are the authorized sales partners for Doulton Water filters across the state. So, head to your nearest Hydro World Store and book your Doulton Water Filter. You can also call 848 952 0480 and have it delivered to your doorstep free of cost.

Where to buy the best Water Filter in Kerala

Not only in Tamil Nadu, Doulton water filters are available in neighboring Kerala as well. QRS Retail Outlets, located across the length of the state at various locations, is the authorized dealer for Doulton Filters in Kerala. To know more about locations and product, you can also call on 18604251425 (Toll-free).    

With mineral retention quality, sustainable filters and a long life span, Doulton filters are your ultimate water companion, the perfect drinking water filter.

Buy Doulton Water Filter in Kerala QRS stores

To add to all these qualities, there is also the Doulton Filtachek App, which not only monitors the health of the filter on a daily basis but also helps you to schedule your water drinking habits.

All in all, Doulton ensures good health for you and your family on the long run. This festive season, Doulton India has come up with attractive festival offers for all, to enable you get the best water filter for home. To know more about these offers, click below.

Here is wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy Festive Season!

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