Doulton Drops Rewards Program | Everything you need to know

Did you bring home the world’s best loved water filter? Are you excited about having access to great-tasting and safe drinking water? That is only one part of the benefits that come with purchasing this water filter, along with it you are also earning Doulton drops. Here’s all you need to know about our rewards program – from ‘how to earn Doulton drops?’ to the perks that come with it.

Here’s how one joins the Doulton drops rewards program

Here's how you can become a part of the Doulton drops rewards program

Bring home the world’s best water filter and here’s what your getting;

  • Safe, clean, and tasty drinking water.
  • Filtration of contaminants upto 99.99% with zero water wastage.
  • Rewards earn Doulton drops everytime you shop. So if you’ve bought a system you have already earned yourself Doulton drops

Here’s how you can continue to earn Doulton drops

Here's how you can earn drops once you are a part of the Doulton drops rewards program

Earn Doulton drops when you shop

  • Buy a Doulton water filter.
  • Share your referral code with friends and family.
  • Friends and Family receive a 5% discount on their first purchase.

Here’s how you can keep a track of your Doulton drops

Track how many drops you have earned in the Doulton drops rewards program

Track your Doulton drops quickly and easily:

  • Open the FILTACHEK app or visit the website.
  • Go to ‘ MY ACCOUNTS’ you must be logged in.
  • Your Doulton drops are automatically updated here after you’ve made your purchases.

Download the FILTACHEK app today on the Apple store or on the Google Play Store.

Here’s how you can access your Doulton Referral code

Refer and earn for others to become a part of the Doulton drops rewards program

Here’s how you can access your ‘referral code’

  • Open FILTACHEK app or visit the website.
  • Go to ‘MY ACCOUNTS’ you must be logged in.
  • Click on ‘Refer and Earn.’
  • Your referral code will be automatically generated.
  • Share it and earn Doulton drops.

Here’s until when you can earn Doulton drops

Every purchase gives you Doulton drops. Once it starts it’s a lifetime of earning.

There are many water purifiers and water filtration systems, but what makes Doulton the world’s best water filter? Going back in time were you one of those who experienced the goodness of a british berkefeld water filter? Well the good news is that it is no different from a Doulton water filter. Because both are solely manufactured by Fairey Industrial ceramics limited. A Doulton water filter is the perfect solution even if you get municipal water, because it helps ensure that your drinking water is not robbed of the naturally occuring minerals that are present in water.

Purchasing this water filter is not just a one-time investment it is a long-standing relationship for life through its Doulton drops rewards program. What are you waiting for bring the best water filter for your home and start earning Doulton drops.

How many Doulton drops ?have you earned so far?


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