World’s Best Water Filter

Doulton Water filter

How do you decide which is the world’s best in any category? Personal experiences? Or opinion of family, friends or experts? Probably online portals and search engines? Or by simply listing the advantages and deciding for ourselves?

Among water filters, Doulton is a pioneer. With a legacy of more than 100 years, Doulton has made water filtration systems that are simple, economical and easy to operate. Well, does that not make Doulton water filters world’s best water filter? Wait, there are more.

Advantages of having the World’s Best Water Filter

Let’s list down some advantages that Doulton water filters offer you.

  • No Electricity required – No power, no problem at all.
  • No need of AMC or technical help to install, operate or clean – In fact, it is so easy to operate and clean that you can do-it-yourself.
  • No water wasted in the name of filtration – No need to collect any waste water like RO (Reverse Osmosis) filters.
  • All natural minerals retained – No loss of minerals, additionally promise of mineral rich water.
  • Multistage filtration which filters harmful pathogens and chemicals – 3 stage filtration.

First Stage : The 100% natural Outer Ceramic Shell filters pathogenic bacteria, cysts, turbidity and particles.
Second Stage: The Silver-impregnated ceramic element inhibits micro-biological growth inside the ecosystem, ensuring the filter itself does not become a culture medium.
Third Stage : The activated carbon granules takes out chlorine and trace organics improving taste, colour and odour.

  • 100% Safe and sustainable – Made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Besides, it is easy to dispose.
  • A legacy of more than 100 years – History that started with the royal household in Britain – We have continuously strived to innovate and improve the efficiency of our ceramic filters.
  • Great sleek looks that adorn your kitchen – Lovely sleek models that are ornamental and beautiful.
  • No additional wires or clutter – no need of electrical wires for power or water drain tubes for waste water. Further, it avoids clutter in the kitchen.

With so many advantages, its no surprise that our customers are very happy with their Doulton water filters. In fact, some of them have been using it for decades and passed it on to the next generation as well, both overseas and India. Are you ready to try the world’s best water filter?


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