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The British Berkefeld 12L Gravity System is the most sizable option among our collection of compact and portable Gravity Water Filter Systems.Compatible with two or four ceramic Ultra Sterasyl filter candles, it effectively minimizes common contaminants and chlorine, providing you with a convenient solution for clean filtered drinking water wherever you go.

Your Package of British Berkefeld 12L Gravity System comes with :

  • British Berkefeld 12L Gravity Fed Filter System – two cans & lid 
  • x2 Ceramic Filter Elements with Washers and Wingnuts
  • Gravity Tap
  • Instruction Manual

This is not only easy to install and maintain, but also saves you money and is environment friendly as it does not require electricity to operate, and does not waste even a drop of water.


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Compatible Candles

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If your tap water has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of less than 500 ppm, which most municipal water connections do, Doulton might be the best and cost effective option for you to get healthy, tasty drinking water, as it effectively filters out 99.99% plus of common contaminants along with bacteria, cysts and particles.

*Flow Rate – The output of the filtered water is completely dependent on the line pressure and input water quality. When the flow rate drops, the candle needs to be cleaned with a clean Scotch-Brite™ scrubber or some common salt. If your water source has fine sediments not visible to the naked eye, this will affect the output flow rate and increase the frequency of cleaning the Ceramic filter Candle.

The British Berkefeld Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter is a gravity-fed system, built using stainless steel and comprises of two containers that are easy to operate, requiring no plumbing. The system functions by allowing untreated water to flow from the upper chamber, through a series of ceramic water filters, and into the lower chamber, utilizing the force of gravity.

The British Berkefeld Gravity filter system can accommodate either 2 or 4 ceramic filter candles. Our selection of gravity water filters offers an optimal solution for accessing filtered water while on the move, especially in areas where pressurized water supply is not dependable.

You can trust in the quality of our product to provide you with peace of mind that your drinking water is pure and safe to consume.

Filter Type Ceramic Element
Width (mm) 255
Height (mm) 410
Weight (kg) 3.35
Material High grade polished stainless steel
System Type Portable
Connections Water is poured manually into the upper chamber

We take utmost care in shipping our products to you, however since our Filter Candles are made of all natural mineral clays, they are fragile. There is a chance that they may break due to mishandling during transit. Please report any Filter Candle damages/ breakages within 7 days of delivery to arrange for a replacement candle. Claims post this period will not be replaced by Doulton. No Returns or refunds will be applicable once the product is assembled and used.

Central Kerala (Ernakulam, Kottayam and Thrissur)
Service, Installation & Support

Sudheer Kanakan C. K
Surya Sri Agencies, Choorakottayil House, Edappally Toll, Kochi-24 (Metro Pillar No. 377)
Telephone : +91 9847625730

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Product Reviews from Happy Doulton Customers

If you get municipal water or water with TDS less than 500, Doulton might be the perfect water filter for you

Request a Call Back to know more about the world’s favourite Ceramic Water Filter

To know more about this amazing Water Filter that is used in 140 countries, request a call back from our experts

How Doulton makes a Positive Impact on your Health & Savings

Doulton Water Filters Operate Without Electricity
No Electricity Required

Our Water filters do not require electricity to operate, thus giving you savings right from the moment you install it.

Doulton Water Filters Do Not Waste Water
No Water Wastage

Our water filters do not waste a single drop of water during the filtration process, conserving water from the word go

Dolton Water Filter Retains Natural Minerals
All Natural Minerals Retained

Doulton Water filters retain all naturally occurring minerals which are beneficial for your health.

Doulton Water Filters Remove All Pathogens
Fights all pathogens

A pore structure down to 0.2 microns in our filters offers maximum filtration protection against  particles and pathogens.

Doulton Water Filters Have Long Life Span
Long Life Span

Our filters are long-lasting, as they can be cleaned when used on turbid water, allowing re-use and upto 6-12 months of life depending on the water quality.

Doulton Filters are made from Sustainable raw materials
All Safe & Sustainable

Our filters are made from high quality ceramic that is made from 100% natural earths and uses coconut shell carbon.

Doulton Water Filters have Ant Bacterial Effect
Got Super Powers

Our filters have anti-bacterial properties which use trace elements of silver to inhibit microbiological growth.

Doulton Water Filters Have Multi Stage Filtration
Multi-stage filtration

Other filter media  like activated carbon can be incorporated to remove chlorine, or an ion exchange media for heavy metals.

A Cost Comparison of Existing Drinking Water Options!

Bottled water cost comparison with RO filter and Ceramic Water Filter
RO Water Purifier Cost per Litre Comparison with Doulton Water Filter
RO Water Purifier with UV Cost per liter comparison with Doulton Water Filter India
Lowest Cost per litre  Cost Comparison Ro Water Purifier and Doulton Water Filter

*Arrived based on factors such as Average Unit/System costs, Annual maintenance costs, Water Consumption Charges based on RO Purifier Recovery Rates, Electricity Consumption Charges. For Doulton, British Berkefeld HBA and Sterasyl System were considered.

If you get municipal water or water with TDS less than 500, Doulton might be the perfect water filter for you

Request a Call Back to know more about the world’s favourite Ceramic Water Filter

To know more about this amazing Water Filter that is used in 140 countries, request a call back from our experts

A Mobile App that continuously monitors your Doulton Water Filter’s Health

The Doulton India Filtacheck® Mobile App is a highly user-friendly, intuitive and uber- cool mobile application that ensures your health & increases your savings & brings you peace of mind !

  • It helps you monitor the longevity of your water filter depending on the number of people in your household
  • It will authenticate your Doulton as a 100% original with a simple scan by entering the product code
  • It has a super-friendly and intuitive hydration reminder feature for you & your loved ones
  • Get Quick Support from the Doulton India for all your concerns and requirements regarding Doulton products

..and much more.

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Request a Call Back to know more about the world’s favourite Ceramic Water Filter

To know more about this amazing Water Filter that is used in 140 countries, request a call back from our experts