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The Super Sterasyl®  Water Filter Candle is suitable for both HBA – Mk II & HCP  Doulton Water Filters.

The ceramic shell is filled with granular activated carbon, to give superior flow rates in a gravity filter. Benefits: Removal of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine and organics removal capabilities.
Size: 10″ (254mm) long x 2″ (49mm) diameter. 1 1/2″ (38mm) long mount

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Doulton HCP Water Filter

Doulton HBA-MK-II-Filter-Sterasyl Water Filter

Doulton HBA – MK II Water Filter

Compatible with HBA – MK II & HCP Water Filters

Buy the Super Sterasyl® candle, suitable for Doulton HBA – MK II & HCP Water Filters

Product Details

If your tap water has a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of less than 500 ppm, which most municipal water connections do, Doulton might be the best and cost effective option for you to get healthy, tasty drinking water, as it effectively filters out 99.99% plus of common contaminants along with bacteria, cysts and particles.

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Water Filtration – At a Glance

Bacteria – E.Coli /Cholera / Shigella / Typhoid / Klebslella TerrigenaYes
Cyst – Cryptosporidium / GlardlaYes
Trace Organics – Insecticides (Lindane) / Herbicides (Atrazine) / Phenols (TCP) / Pholyaromatic Hydrocarbons / Trihalomethane (Chloroform)Yes
Enhanced Organics – Benzene / Atrazine / LindaneYes
Capacity before replacement to guarantee performance – 1,500 +LitresYes
Typical unrestricted flow rate at 3 bar pressure – litres per minute (4.5 +)Yes
Flow rate to achieve maximum performance (0.5 GPM)Gravity

We take utmost care in shipping our products to you, however since our Filter Candles are made of all natural mineral clays, they are fragile. There is a chance that they may break due to mishandling during transit. Please report any Filter Candle damages/ breakages within 7 days of delivery to arrange for a replacement candle. Claims post this period will not be replaced by Doulton. No Returns or refunds will be applicable once the product is assembled and used.

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