When the Body tells you to Drink More Water, Do it!


Dehydration is one of the oldest issues that human life has faced on this planet, and there is only one reason for it: Not drinking enough water! Human body is predominantly made of water, up to a staggering 60% and it is no secret that body needs regular dosage of water to keep it alive and breathing. Yes, it needs water even to breathe! If you are not supplying the body with enough hydration, bodily functions could get impacted and could cause short term and long term complications to health and life.

 Throughout the day, as you engage in different functions, you end up losing water, through sweat, tears, exhalation and a lot more through urination. Hence, it is always advisable to hydrate yourselves continuously during the day to ensure that you never ever get to a point of dehydration.

 Our body is a complicated machine and whether you believe it or not, has its own way of telling us where we are going wrong, as long as our health is concerned. What starts as a subtle nudges can turn into violent reactions if not taken care at the right time.

Even in the case of dehydration, our body has a mechanism where it can warn you when you are not drinking enough water. If you are wondering if this really works, you should check out the Doulton Filtacheck App, which is also designed to set Notification Nudges for drinking water.

Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and dizziness to start with, and if continued for long, can wreak havoc with one’s health. Feeling thirsty is one of the most basic symptoms of dehydration that your body is trying to tell you and if you do not heed to this basic warning, other symptoms follow. Cramps and stiffness in muscles are also experienced apart from dry mouth, dried skin and darker or decreased urine.

Apart from drinking clean water, fruits and vegetables with high water content are also a great way to keep one hydrated. Doulton Water Filters are your perfect solution for clean rich drinking water, with a filtration of common contaminants up to 99.99%. The Doulton Filtacheck App is another great feature to help you set notifications to drink filtered water, straight from the tap !

If you are still waiting to buy your water filter, ensure that you buy the best water filter for home. Doulton would be your ideal choice. No electricity required, no AMC required and much economical than your regular RO water purifier.


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