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Making sure you have a genuine Doulton is Super-easy !

3 Easy Ways.

1.Enter the 4-digit Product Reference Code


2.Enter the 10-digit unique Authenticity Code


3.Scan the QR Code on the Doulton Filter Candle

The Caring App

Why having Doulton India Filtachek® is important

Doulton India’s Mobile App Filtachek is a highly user-friendly, intuitive and uber- cool mobile application that ensures your health & savings & peace of mind ! Quite natural when you choose the best water filter, it ensures the best for you always.

Check Filter Health

Monitor its Service Life

Helps you monitor the longevity of your water filter depending on the number of people in your household

Helps you stay Hydrated

Your Health is our Priority

A super-friendly and intuitive hydration reminder feature for you & your loved ones

Get Quick Support

Click to Get in Touch

The Doulton India team is a click away to assist with all your concerns and requirements regarding Doulton products

Scan to Authenticate

Get 100% peace of mind

Authenticate your Doulton as a 100% original with a simple scan or by entering the product code

The Doulton Store

Doulton Shop a click away

Be it replacing cartridges, buying a new Doulton water filter, knowing & sharing product information- get it all in a click.

Stay Updated on Latest News & Offers

Be the First to Know

Keep up to date with exclusive Doulton news and offers via the Doulton India Filtachek App.

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