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Doulton India’s popular Reward Program

Doulton Drops

Our exciting Rewards Program that lets you earn Doulton Drops every time you or your referred friend purchase a Doulton product from our own website.

Yes! That is right. Every time – till eternity!
A unique Rewards Program

How to get Doulton Drops Rewards

You become eligible & start earning Doulton Drops with your first purchase of a Doulton product from

Buy your Doulton Product

Get the best Water Filter/ Candle in the market from the website directly

Log into your Profile

Access your Profile, auto-created with your purchase, via the website or the Doulton India Mobile App – FILTACHEK.

Share your Referral Code

Your Referral Code ensures one-time 5% Discount for anyone who wants to purchase a Doulton. You earn 5% as Reward points,. The Purchaser also earns 5% Doulton Drops Reward points !

Redeem & Save for Ever

Start redeeming once you have 200 points! Save on replacement Water Filter Candles, refer to friends and family, and keep earning.

As you Give, You Earn !

Start Sharing & Earning Today !


The Discount for Purchase with your Referral Code


The Purchase Value you earn with each Purchase

One Place to Get your Benefits

Log in to your account (My Account) via the Website or the Doulton India Mobile App – FILTACHEK to access your Referral Code, and to know your Doulton Drop Rewards. All at one place.

Get your Doulton.

The best water filter in the market is a click away. Get home the best amongst the home water filtration systems in India today.

Start Referring. Start Earning.


Easy to install, portable and compact

Gravity Can

Easy to install, portable and compact

If you have municipal water supply or water with TDS less than 500, Doulton might be the perfect water filter for you

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