Doulton Water Filter with Municipal Water

Online buying is in vogue. After the pandemic, you can practically buy everything online. From clothes to electronics, food products to footwear, home appliances and the list is endless. E-commerce, as online selling is known, has percolated into every industry. In fact, the new generation has made it a norm to buy almost all their consumables online. Online sales offer great deals as well. Hence, it is no surprise that something like a water filter is also sold online. This brings us to the question. Where can you buy Water filter at best price online in India?

Water filters have now become a basic requirement for any family. There are many types of water filters in the Indian market. The technology itself is so different. There are reverse osmosis filters, ultraviolet filters, activated carbon as well as sediment filters. All these filters come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

However, budget is always a concern for any family. As you prepare yourself to buy a water filter, the decision is always fraught with confusion. How do you decide as to what price is a best price online for a water filter. Although you may need to do some basic research, we can surely tell you about a brand that gives you a water filter at best price online in India. It is Doulton Water filters.

Doulton water filters are among the most economical, not only in purchase price but also as far as operating costs are concerned. Doulton always has great offers on its website. Be it for the filters or candles, the prices are highly competitive and among the best price online. Besides, ordering online on a Doulton has its benefits. Doulton offers water filter at best price online in India.

How does a Doulton offer such great benefits?

There is no doubt that Doulton offers great benefits as far as filtering water is concerned. No usage of electricity, no water wastage, and no loss of minerals are among the top benefits of a Doulton water filter. It is also highly efficient as far as water filtration is concerned, with its 5-stage filtration process. Let us quickly go through the 5 Filtration Stages. In stage 1, the 100% natural Outer Ceramic Shell filters pathogenic bacteria, cysts, turbidity and particles. After this, the Silver-impregnated ceramic element inhibits micro-biological growth inside the ecosystem, ensuring the filter itself does not become a culture medium. Further to this, the activated carbon block takes out chlorine and organics improving taste and odour. Next stage involves a layer which ensures the successful retention of heavy metals from entering your drinking water. Finally, the slow release scale inhibition in this stage inhibits limescale buildup. With such an efficient yet simple filtration system, it is no surprise that you get tasty, healthy and clean drinking water, at a fraction of a cost in comparison to Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters.

Cost Benefits of owning a Doulton Water Filter

Apart from these benefits, Doulton is also a great buy from a cost perspective. Initial cost of acquisition is lower than most other types of water filters. The cost of installation is almost zero. That is because you do not need a technician to fit your water filter. You only need a basic plumbing to get it up and running. After installation also, the cost of operation is quite minimal. Unlike RO and UV water filters, a Doulton water is AMC free. There is no need of regular maintenance by a qualified technician, hence you do not need to sign up for AMC services. Besides, you only need to clean the candle regularly for it to dispense clean, healthy and tasty water. This, in fact can be done by anyone. Add to it, the fact that there is no electricity costs attached to it, the operating costs end up being so less than your other water filters in the market. This is why you get a Doulton Water filter at best price online in India.

The Lowest Cost per Liter in Water Purifiers & water Filters
Doulton Water Filters no water wastage
Water Filter that do not use Electricity
This water filters retains all natural minerals in water

A legacy Water Filter that comes at the best price online

Doulton has a great legacy of more than 100 years. The technology is quite simple, but is highly efficient, as proven by its presence in almost 140 countries. What started as a filtering system to get rid of Thames river of its pollutants, has now translated to being among the most popular water filtration systems in the world. That too, at the best price online, in comparison to its competitors.

Without much ado, let us tell you that Doulton removes what we don’t want from our drinking water. This ensures that it leaves us with exactly what we need! A Doulton Water Filter assures great taste and necessary minerals. It is the best ceramic water filter you can get. It also is equipped with additional features like the filatchek app and Doulton Rewards Program. When you buy a Doulton Water filter online, you get to buy Water filter at best price online in India. Still thinking which water filter to buy online?


How many models does a Doulton Water Filter have?

A Doulton water filter presently has 2 models: British Berkefelf HBA – MK II – Wall-mounted Water Filter & Sterasyl® and HCP & Super Sterasyl Doulton Water Filter – A Stunning Counter-top Ceramic Water Filter

How many stages of filtration does a Doulton filter do?

A Doulton water filter employs a 5-stage filtration to give you clean, tasty and mineral rich drinking water.

What is the life of a ceramic candle in a Doulton Water filter?

It depends on usage. However, a candle may last close to a year under normal usage conditions.

What is the filtration flow Rate?

The filtration flow rate is same as the flow rate of your tap.

Does a Doulton Water filter take into consideration the TDS of water?

A Doulton is ideal to be used only if the TDS of your tap water is less than 500 ppm.

Does a Doulton Water filter retain minerals?

Yes, all useful minerals are retained post filtration in a Doulton Water Filter. There is no loss of essential minerals.

Is a Doulton Water Filter difficult to maintain and clean?

No. A Doulton is among the most easiest water filters to clean and maintain. Anybody can do it. Moreover, you do not require an AMC.

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